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  1. Depending on your location you may have a case, but you may need to call an actual Paypal rep. I am not USA, and my ko-fi's are received under the gifts/friends and family tag, with no fees removed.

    I had a similar platform to ko-fi in the past where I needed to get a refund, and I needed to call because they were listed as donations, but received under normal payments. This also was years ago, it may be different now.

  2. I think the fact that you missed your own deadline is pretty bad; I'd be upset too, but his reactions, attitude and the guilt tripping you with the offer of $200 is a huge red flag, and you are better off not working with this customer at all.

    You really should take payment before you start work though. A lot of the times situations like this will turn where the client wont pay at all, as seen on other bewares here.

  3. Just echoing what everyone else here said, drop the chargeback.  If you didnt like the credit, it shouldnt have been OKed in the first place.
    Ive been dragged in to closed species drama before, and I sympathize with the artist not wanting to be involved and just saying 'no'.

  4. I suggest writing up a professional ask for an update, like 'Hey, its been X time, and I'd like to know the status of my commission, and see a WIP. If no WIP is present, I would like to request a refund.'. RP type, and 'friendly chit chat' is a huge no in a business setting. They probably think youre just giving friendly banter, and not actually the status of your comm, as said in the above two comments. I also refuse clients who do this because it makes us, the artists, very uncomfortable.

  5. I would call paypal and tell them the seller told you to send as F&F, and you might get some help. If you go through their contact me page, you are sometimes given a unique code that makes the call even faster. Explain you have not gotten the image you bought, and the seller is ignoring. It's against PP terms to send as F&F to avoid fees. Do not mention it is an 18+ purchase (if it was nsfw) cause you may be completely out of luck, as they dont allow NSFW art sales.

  6. 15 hours ago, LorelTheBison said:

    Since there were no wips for the lines, the customer is in the right for asking for the edit on the fingers, easy as that. As the artist it's your own fault if you do not give your customer an option to give feedback in time. Don't jump from rough sketch to finished piece and be upset when the customer asks for edits, really...

    Yes, but finger shape is really more of a nitpick and not a flaw on the actual character. It wasnt phrased at all that the characters fingers were drawn wrong from the ref, just that the buyer didnt like how they were drawn. 'I dont like the way this looks" versus "this is not how it looks on my character".

  7. I reuse ANY edits to my work, except cropping for icons, but I'd just add the shadow in, or ask if you wanted it for a fee, but then again, I'd have clear samples, not two different types.

    I do find them getting upset with the edits to the stickers a bit ridiculous because they didnt provide proper wips. But I can see being upset of asking for fingers to be redrawn and stuff, but they really should have provided proper wips.

  8. I strongly suggest ALWAYS adding if there is a mildew/mold issue, even if you think its not a problem. I am deathly allergic, and if I had purchased this I would have been extremely upset, and very likely hospitalized.

    The buy is in the wrong here; it should have been immediately packed up and sent back, with a full refund + postage. But I can see, maybe the buyer through you were trying to get out of a refund by suggesting another cleaner? Either way, buyer should send the suit back.

    Im probably the minority here, but I absolutely think, even with the missing parts (health hazard) a full refund is in order. It was purchased under false pretenses, and clearly harming the buyers housemates.

  9. I think this is a weird situation because there is no statement on WHAT quality they are supposed to get, and theres no samples. I could see that the client thought they might be getting shaded, and was upset they got flats. They may not have seen your price sheet. But also, the YCH price doesnt always equate the style price.

    I do agree they are not entitled to a full refund at all. If I had made this mistake I would have offered a partial refund. If I fulled refunded I would tell them they CAN NOT use the artwork at all. It's not paid for.

  10. Not sure if it was stated, but if the artists is insisting on a partial refund they absolutely need to provide the sketch to OP, as the partial refund is PAYING FOR said sketch.

    The fact that they are trying to resell OP's 'sketch' is another bad mark against the artist. (Although I agree, it just looks like a random base they made up to fill the lie)

  11. Did you get a refund? Did they ever send any other messages after that last one in March? I would just take the refund, and if they do ever end up drawing you can send them a tip (even if its $35 to pay for it).

  12. You may also be able to call paypal and provide the images of the ruined print. I know a few people have gotten through to them via phone after closing a case.

    It's 100% on the seller for shipments and items, not you. Even if you call the post office they will tell you they cannot do anything that it has to be the one that mailed it.

  13. 1 hour ago, AishaSlayde said:

    That doesn't mean you can't simply up the price by that amount, or by say a dollar or something to cover said fees without specifically saying "Its to cover the paypal fees".

    I use paypal as well, I am sure many do. Over the years I have watched their fees become more and more and more expensive. So, When they up the fees, I just add a bit to my commission prices.

    You can include the fees in your price all you want, you cant add an ADDITIONAL fee to you cost, at all. Adding any fees for using paypal is against their TOS. Charge $16 for a commission instead of $15 + $1 fee. Thats all you have to do to avoid being in trouble with PP.

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