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  1. The last two screenshots were mistakenly added, not sure how I can remove them though!
  2. Please do not harass this person if you come across them! I am writing this beware as my interactions with them make me worry they will continue to life to artist (and possibly scam them out off money as will be seen later), and continue to steal art and characters. I was contacted by BitchDrift (will call her BD for short) regarding a client of hers commissioning art from her using a character and art stolen from me. My character and art in question: FlowerMimikyu's edit: After informing me about this I was invited into a group chat with BD, FlowerMimikyu, and one
  3. None of those fit my situation. In short; A person stole my character and commissioned art of them. The artist contacted me after finding out it was my character. The thief then began acting abusive towards the both of us when confronted, and even threatened the artist they lied to. I'd like to use screenshots provided by the artist, as well as what happened to them, to strengthen my beware, as this person was acting incredibly rude and abusive and showed no remorse or signs of wanting to stop and potentially going to try commission other people.
  4. Hello everyone, I have never posted here before and need some help before going ahead with what I need to bring to attention here. I didn't find a clear answer in the guidelines, but if I did indeed miss an answer to this in there I am very sorry! I've been having issues with a person, and the situation involves another artist as well. I know the site does not allow "third party" things, but if it involves me just as much as the other person affected by this, can I still include proof/events involving said affected person?
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