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  1. Yeah, I had given up on getting the art when they first ghosted me, I only decided to ask about it because the WIP they had sent me looked like it was nearly done, it just needed colour on my pawpads. I was giving them the benefit of the doubt, and I'm understanding if life happens or something, but ghosting me (and others from what I learned) just isn't acceptable, especially if you're still being active. I just hope that other people will at least learn from what happened to me and proceed with caution if they decide to deal with them. Thankfully we have sites like this to share info like th
  2. On or around 16 March, 2018, I purchased a YCH for 20$ from the artist. I can't give an exact date as they seemed to have deleted everything relevant from their scraps and gallery (which I will get into later.) I sent them a not on the 16 March explaining that I don't have a ref sheet, just other commissions I've gotten and screenshots from Second Life and asked if that was okay, to which they replied with yes: I don't have a flat out notice of payment being sent either in note form or a paypal screenshot as I was using my partner at the time's paypal as I didn't have my own th
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