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  • Artist Beware: Shizuxur

    • Who: Shizuxur
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/shizuxur/
      When: 03/16/2018
      What: Commission

    On or around 16 March, 2018, I purchased a YCH for 20$ from the artist. I can't give an exact date as they seemed to have deleted everything relevant from their scraps and gallery (which I will get into later.)

    I sent them a not on the 16 March explaining that I don't have a ref sheet, just other commissions I've gotten and screenshots from Second Life and asked if that was okay, to which they replied with yes:


    I don't have a flat out notice of payment being sent either in note form or a paypal screenshot as I was using my partner at the time's paypal as I didn't have my own then, and we've since broken up, but I do have proof of them starting the art after I paid them, which they sent a WIP on 21 March (which now leads to an empty stash site) and asked about some colours:



    We talked a couple of times between them, mainly about when I was expecting my ref sheet to be done, which never did.

    A couple of weeks later on 29 March, I sent them a note asking about the art, as the WIP they had sent me appeared to be nearly done, they replied, and I conceded that maybe I was being a little impatient and decided I'd just let them work. I know, I can be a little impatient at times:


    A month later, on 29 April, I sent them another note asking for an update, to which I got no reply again:



    Then, between 13 June and 15 June we had a brief conversation about my ref sheet, which at that point I was still waiting on:


    On 20 July, I sent them a note asking for an update, as it had been a month and a half since the last update:


    To which I got a reply 10 days later on 30 July saying that it was nearly done:


    I didn't receive any art, and didn't note them again until 7 October, asking for an update:


    And got a reply 2 days later on 9 October, saying that were (presumably) out of town and would send it to me after 20 October, to which I agreed:9 - October Update.png


    I didn't hear from them for a while after that, so I messaged them on 29 October asking and gently reminding them that it's been seven months since I paid them:


    And got no reply. This is when they first went dark. I paid attention to their page for a bit and decided to note them again on 30 January, 2019, to which I got no reply:



    It was sometime around this time that I noticed his shout page had many shouts along the lines of "Where's my art?" and "Are you going to finish my art?" I didn't think to screenshot these, and they've since been deleted, which I'll address later.

    More than a year passed before I noticed in my submissions list that they started uploading art again, so I decided to note them on 25 June, 2020:


    And between the 26 June and 29 June we talked and they offered to either finish the old artwork, or to do a new one for me:


    They seemed partial to drawing new art, and to be honest with you I was really liking the sketch that they had sent me the first time, but at this point I just wanted to be done dealing with this artist. Full disclosure my replies at this time point were a couple days between, as that's when the pandemic in my area REALLY started to hit and everything was hectic, regardless, we agreed on a pose that I sent them (censored link)


    I sent them references, which they asked for (the artist I planned to do my ref sheet didn't pan out) and that was that:


    And at that point they went dark again. I noticed on their page that they had cleared out their shouts and seemed to be trying to start anew, so I was patient, until they started ignoring my notes. HOwever, I could see that they were actively favouriting art on FA and that they would occasionaly upload the occasional piece now and then, but didn't even open my notes, either of them that I sent:


    I left them a shout on 30 October, letting them know of my frustrations and asking them to at least read my notes:


    However that fell of deaf ears, as to this day, my notes are still unread, despite the fact that they even favourited something earlier this day before I typed this:


    (Obviously, BlueberryDragon is not affiliated with this artist, this screenshot is only provided as proof that the artist is still active, despite ignoring my notes)

    It seems like I'm simply out the money that I paid for the YCH, which some people may say that making a big deal out of a $20 YCH may be overkill, but that's not what's on trial here. I feel this artist has been very unprofessional and I have been more than patient waiting for them, and made every attempt I could to make things right and to contact them, but being flat out ignored is just rude and unprofessional. Oh well, you live and you learn.

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    I'm sorry to say this, but it's very likely you won't ever receive your art. Two and a half years is way too long of a wait, specially for a $20 comission and the artist has probably scammed you, since you said there were more messages besides yours asking for an update. Either you ask for a refund or just give up altogether to save yourself the emotional & mental work. You can still keep on asking for updates, of course, but your efforts will continue to fall on deaf ears. Nevertheless, posting this beware was the best thing you could have done, so that people may know the possible outcome if they comission this artist. 

    Also, the "DO NOT SHOUT" message they sent you was highly unprofessional, since you're just a tired/worried client waiting for 2 years for a comission and did not deserve this rudeness.

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    Yeah, I had given up on getting the art when they first ghosted me, I only decided to ask about it because the WIP they had sent me looked like it was nearly done, it just needed colour on my pawpads. I was giving them the benefit of the doubt, and I'm understanding if life happens or something, but ghosting me (and others from what I learned) just isn't acceptable, especially if you're still being active. I just hope that other people will at least learn from what happened to me and proceed with caution if they decide to deal with them. Thankfully we have sites like this to share info like this so people can at least make an informed decision, my only hope is that people check it. I'm not worried about losing the 20 dollars, I'm more upset about the principles of it.

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