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  1. Back in 2021 I bought two colored sketches from Miiyori, totalling 85$ Things went a bit wonky from the start, but me being distracted by real life aided in me realizing she didn't get back to me on my payment going through for a while. Got no response there and Miiyori sort of dipped from everywhere for some time. Eventually there was a blip on her twitch. So I used her publically available discord handle to reach out to her. So I did. That's how I at least got half of what I had paid for. Turned out right away was another very rough estimate. By then I had waived my ability to chargeback via paypal due to waiting too long. I'd practically all but given up on ever hearing anything from her again until she just dropped new journals on FA two months ago. Another DM later (discord was no longer responsive) I got this. Well, it's been two additional months now and on the advice of a friend I'm just dropping this here.
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