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  1. Update: Partial refund of the total amount was administered. According to artist, they had added "slander TOS" as shown, but it was never there in the initial Beware as shown above. They also fail to provide evidence of the so-called harassment and slander, when most I have done is post this Beware after trying to get in touch with them after they have blocked me and made it a point to insist I would not be getting a refund. As much as I appreciate getting some money back, the way the whole situation has been handled was not great and will not seek out their business anytime soon, and encourage folks to consider what has been laid out before them here prior to doing business with this individual.
  2. Disclaimer: White boxes with black outlines have been edited in to protect irl information of artist and commissioner, as well as information deemed not relevant to the Beware. With regards to the transaction, the NSFW piece discussed was indeed completed and fulfilled. This Beware will be with regards to the three character piece. Outline: - Original agreement + Proof I have chosen to provide only this snippet from the Discord conversation and nothing after, as anything past this point is unrelated to the commission in question. - Proof of payment Note: as a commissioner, I understand that including "NSFW" in Paypal notes is not warranted for either party. The invoice shown below was created by the artist and they included that information. - Any relevant correspondence. The NSFW piece that was completed is as shown below with a Spoiler for NSFW content: Upon completion of this piece, there was only one correspondence with regards to updating the concept of the piece per request of the artist, but there was never any proof of work having been completed. Sometime after that, the artist contacted me with the following: One thing I will mention is that when I tried to respond to them, I had been blacklisted on FA as shown: Their TOS on their Carrd at sizdizzle.carrd.co/#tos, there is no mention of them having a right to cancel a commission not started and keeping the funds. Sometime later, I went to Telegram and discovered our previous chat history there had been deleted, and they sent the following, to which I responded and currently awaiting a response: In summary, nowhere in their TOS does it state they will keep funds on work that is not completed. All I'm looking for now is a refund of the work that has not been completed, that's it. If they need time to pay it back in installments, I'm fine with that.
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