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  1. I'm not sure how to CC everyone who commented on this post but thank you so much for the support. The simple act of compiling all this information before blocking them and getting help from a good friend who directed me to this website has lifted a massive mental stress from my shoulders and i honestly feel like a completely different person! I've never had this type or level of support for my troubles but im so thankful that i have friends who could open my eyes to the gaslighting the artist in question put me through for so long, because now i can see how blatant it was. My ho
  2. On July, 16, 2019 I commissioned Dias_Doodles (redacted on discord) for a full painting piece for $75 CAD after helping them pay $16 CAD for art supplies on July, 10, 2019 with promise of a colored sketch, later sending another $7 CAD for a steam game on February, 1, 2020 in agreement to receive yet another small sketch. The next 9 months was spent with Redacted avoiding any conversation about the status of the commission all while showing off work made for themselves and other customers instead of mine as well as plugging their Patreon link. Aroun
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