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  1. as of this point in time i have sent a updated "hey can i get a refund" as you all suggested and thanks for the help with that.. im rather terrible at dealing with being social so i use alot of rp speak.,.. i gotta break that habit i suppose. but as of this point in time they have changed their name once again and are still ghosting any replies
  2. I feel i should do this after urging from an artist friend. early this year before a friends birthday i commissioned SugarPup on telegram from a local group chat. the art piece i ordered was something i dont believe was very much but it was 3 characters in a small shaded piece sitting together. thinking hey life gets busy and as an artist it would be valid to have a que for art i asked if they did indeed have one which you can see at the bottom of this post. At the price i have paid it was said to be at $45 but i did the transfer as friends and family since it wouldn't ne
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