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  1. One more update on my situation. Thank you all for the advice, I really appreciate it!
  2. Just posting an update. This entire situation was so predictable that they did in fact try to charge back on the 27th of July after they said I could keep the money and cancelled twice on me. If anyone would like information on how a charge-back is handled I have spoken to a representative from paypal who guided me through the whole thing. Typically paypal dislikes buyers remorse. They don't favour digital good so describe your business as a service rather than a digital art.
  3. Iv also exported the telegram Chatlogs. They have actually deleted a telegram account and made a new one at the start of all this. (though they informed of the new telegram)
  4. I don't know this personal at all beyond a few short interactions and the agreement. I guess ill have to cut my losses here then eh?
  5. Out of our agreement, it was said that a 50% deposit would be placed and if work was started then it was non-refundable, and they could cancel the project at any time but I would keep the deposit. We both agreed. There was no designated time to complete the project but I have sent periodic updates on a weekly basis. They also told me I could take my time on the project. It has been about two weeks now. (This is a Custom Character model for CGI and Video games). Periodically through this project they have now asked me to cancel it and then later change their mind after I had accepted
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