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  1. I commissioned the ref sheet back in november 2016, when he posted a journal saying that he needed the money and that he had time (https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/7931120/), so I went ahead and paid immediately after contacting him via note In the note it was discussed that it was going to be a simple back and front reference with a feral form added to the side, as well as some text to go with it. They initially worked on it a bit, to the point of having it sketched and the feral form colored. The progress on this was shown intermittently until around february, when I stopped seeing updates on it all together and he started taking more commissions while shafting older commissioners in the process. After this he sadly mostly disappeared for a long while, only showing up with journals with what now seem to be excuses, and never communicating directly with his customers, even after asking several times. On the Nycket FA page there is a journal they posted asking people who were owed art (https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8284232/), I do not know the current condition, but many others from around the same time have been owed something up to today (2020, 3-4 years later). He recently reappeared with the new account (Kanthii https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kanthii/) and claimed they were contacting people that were owed art for either art, or a refund. I was not approached, but rather advised by someone. I contacted him through Twitter on the 5th of February, initially being really empathetic and trying to figure out what had happened Initially I was hopeful that this would be it and he seemed to be communicative enough, knowing how many things were owed I knew there might be delays but as long as communication was good and I saw progress, even on what was owed to others, things would be okay. On the 17th of February 2020 I was approached through Telegram and asked about what I would like to have. That same day I received a very early sketch, but once more, it has not been worked on, nor have I been approached about it again, or with any updates on it. Unfortunately he has gone under the radar once more and their only activity has been a tweet saying what has been said over and over for the past years on the 24th of June. Sadly it is back to the same old song and dance; 0 communication, I have seen 0 work owed to me or others, and he seems to have gone offline again, at this rate, it will keep happening, and truthfully, while I do not expect anything at this point, maybe others can know how difficult it is to work with this artist.
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