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  1. I had commissioned Luna for a NSFW piece back in I believe November and she had completed it within a week or two with no issues at all! So I was very confident in commissioning her again. I had not seen her Trello, and if I knew how huge it was, I would've never commissioned her a 2nd time. Luna failed to communicate with me and many other commissioners over the past 3+ months. I have tried messaging her on Discord, twitter, e-mail, and PayPal. I had opened a PayPal dispute about my 2nd commission and she did not even bother replying to it, so PayPal had to step in. Here is our initial conversation on Discord about commissioning her: Proof of payment from me: I asked for updates on March 18th and did not get any response: However, she was still accepting commissions in an art server we are both in: PayPal case: Luna is still to this day inactive on her social media which is extremely unprofessional. If she had taken the time to message me, I would've been okay with waiting longer. Someone in her personal discord server (which is now closed) posted an update screenshot from Luna on Twitter: However, I wish Luna posted this on Twitter herself instead of myself and many others having to search her username on Twitter to get any updates. Here's Luna's current queue (which I am not on and it was last updated on Feb 27): Link: https://trello.com/b/TzNe630i/lunaofwater-public-queue I highly suggest to avoid commissioning her until she gets clears her current queue or at least gets it under control. She failed to communicate with me and I have very disappointed..
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