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Lost Contact: DaVonteWagner


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On March 12, 2018 DaVonteWagner posted on the HF forum with an idea for a request (free art). It was a topic I didn't have a lot of practice in so I contacted them on the 14th to let them know I was working on it.

In September I switched to posting the WIP on twitter, but I don't know if they ever followed me there. Last I had contact with them was Dec 2018 on the forum.

Due to personal life events and because it was a free request, I only finished the piece recently. In the time since the forum has become defunct, but I still messaged them there just in case. I also posted on their HF profile (last active 2022) and sent a message to the email associated with the account. I first sent an email just asking if they still used it because it was a domain I didn't recognize ( @live.com )  on March 25 of this year, but didn't hear anything back, though I did notice that the emails didn't bounce so it should still be a valid address. Today I sent another email with a link to the images just in case.

If anyone has any info on if they have switched accounts, have other social media they are more active on, or if they are even okay, I would appreciate it. 

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forgot one detail
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