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Am I out of luck? Fursuit Issues


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I ordered and received my fursuit at the start of this year. I have not been able to wear it much, (about 4h total) due to the heat and health issues, thus I did not notice the issues until now. I have reached out to the maker but have not received any response. My suit is supposed to be white. I have received parts in 3 different furs. 2in hq white shag, 2in hq yellow-white shag, and an extremely long, ratty looking white fur.

The two handpaws are different furs (one is the extra long bad fur, one is hq 2in shag, both white)
The indoor feet are not the same fur, or color, as the rest of the parts (yellow-white, 2in shag) The outdoor feet are the white extra long bad fur.
Ive been told by multiple other makers its muppet fur (another mentioned it may be mongolian fur, or 4in fur), which has been causing issues with the zipper, and the suits overall look (looks extremely ratty, cannot be brushed or washed out)

Due to not noticing these issues right away, am I out of luck? I know its partially my fault for being unable to properly test it out (was in the hospital, was unable to suit). Should I consider it a loss?
I cannot post to fursuitreviews because while Ive owned the suit for months, I do not meet the 30 hour + wear time. And while the suits overall construction is amazing, the fur is awful quality, and the parts do not match. I do not think I will ever hit the 30 hour wear time.  The suit has also been seen by multiple other makers, and they have confirmed they are different furs, and the extra long lq fur should not have been used for a fursuit.

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