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Suit is too small


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Hello. I'd like some advice on this matter. I ordered a suit from a maker a while back. And when received it. It was too small. We talked about the suit and i decided to send it back to have it fixed. I got it once again and i clearly see that the maker did work on the suit but it is still way too small. And at this point i don't know how to approach the situation. I don't want to frustrate the maker cause they really did a good job on it. It's just the size that needs working on.

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As I mentioned to you before, you provided a DtD, and I believe its on the maker. If I get a ref sheet and I dont follow it, its on me to fix it, no matter how many times I mess up.

Since you have to spend money constantly to ship it back, I, personally, would offer to cover the shipping AND fixes until I fixed to the suit, if it were me. If I didnt want to do that, I would offer a partial refund (But you do not have to accept a partial refund if you feel its not high enough, if the artist offers you like $20)

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