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Not sure if beware-able as I got a refund?


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I placed a commission order through Etsy (a marketplace site for goods, but has a category for digital) on Oct4th. Ignored Nov30th and again when I opened the case (earcly dec), which involves messaging the user in the steps.
I placed an order and received a wip almost right away, but nothing for ages, and they did not reply to my contact attempt and I had to open an Etsy case. I left a review, and multiple people messaged me on how to actually get my refund, and that they had been scammed as well. I have gotten an etsy case to refund me.

1- because of etsys built in timeframes for claims, I had to get my refund asap. Can I still post a beware as the artist did up and vanish on the art, even though I got a refund (forced from etsy, NOT the user, its like a paypal chargeback)
2- I mention the other user, as I would like to suggest them to post a beware as well, but like I said, etsys timeframe window means a fast refund, they probably have a similar small timeframe too.

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Since you already got a refund, then it is automatically downgraded to a Caution. Whether or not we will take it depends on the queue mods once they have full context. In which case I suggest to simply send it in if you'd like us to take a look at it. Be sure to include a shot of the estimated delivery time on the listing as well as all correspondence with the artist and etsy.

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