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Artists Beware Adspace

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Howdy!  Last year we added the option to utilize adspace on Artists Beware.  Unfortunately, the original iteration of this system was clunky and required individuals to manually email us.  On top of that, users couldn't access their own statistics and they had to be sent out manually by me.  I am embarrassed to say that I have dropped the ball in being punctual, and sometimes have forgotten to send out emails all together.

For the new year, I've decided to overhaul how our ad system works.  Now Advertisers will gain access to their Client Portal, which will list their active campaigns' stats.  You will need an account with us in order to purchase ad space, but this is only so you may access your stats.  The system is entirely automated.  All I have to do is make sure your ad doesn't violate our ad guidelines prior to approving it.

Also, individuals who have an active campaign via our new system will have a different user title while their campaign is active.  This user title will grant you a small discount when purchasing campaigns.  These campaigns can be for yourself or for a friend.

For those who have supported us in the past we thank you.  For those who are considering ad space, we thank you as well.  🙂

Are you interested?  Head on over to our Ad Information page.

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