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  • Advertisement

    Artists beware is a heavily trafficked site and is a good place to take out an ad!


    To help fund costs to maintain the site and invest in new resources, Artists Beware has opened its space to content creators for advertisement.  Do you make art, have a youtube/ twitch channel, business, etsy store, or a group you'd like to promote?  You are welcome to advertise with us!  Below is a list of advert guidelines:

    • All adverts are to be content or items created by you.  No Multi-level-marketing products.
    • No NSFW adverts.  All submitted images must be tasteful, with no hints of adult content.  Links to galleries with NSFW material is ok, but primarily adult entertainment sites will be denied. 
    • Please be sure to mark primarily NSFW galleries with a small [nsfw link] in your ad.
    • We will decline individuals who have unresolved bewares.
    • Adverts and links should follow our site guidelines on behavior.  No racist, homophobic, or transphobic content.
    • Flashing, quick scrolling, or blinking adverts will be declined.
    • Bright, clashing colors or adverts that are difficult to read will be declined.
    • No referral links.


    Information We Send

    The system Artists Beware runs off of tracks impressions and clicks.  Advertisers will receive monthly reports concerning these numbers.  Currently, we do not use trackers to track user data, though IPS does track total views on individual bewares.


    Dimensions and File Sizes

    We offer two sizes:

    500 x 100 banners


    250 x 500 sidebars


    Max allowed file size is 750kb.

    Pricing regardless of which size is $10 for one (1) month, or $25 for three (3) months.



    Can you exchange out ads during a 3 month ad purchase?  I have multiple campaigns, but want to make one purchase.

    Yes!  When sending your email be sure to note what dates the ads will switch out.


    My ad is SFW, but my Twitter/ FA/ SF/ is not.  Is this ok?

    Yes, so long as you include a small, but readable [link contains adult content] somewhere in your ad.


    What happens if I get a beware while I have an ad up?

    Mistakes happen.  You will be contacted by us, and given an opportunity to resolve your beware or make active steps to fix it.  If it isn't resolved, we will issue you a refund and pull your ad.



    Send an email to admin@artistsbeware.info with the following:

    • Your image
    • Your link
    • Desired campaign length
    • What email to invoice you

    If your ad is approved, then it will go live when your invoice is paid!  Questions?  Feel free to contact any Admin, email us, or use our contact us form.

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