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Commissioner Vanished


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Took a commission last summer. IRL issues caused a delay, and I asked if the buyer wanted a refund. Buyer didnt reply for a long time, but when they did, stated they didnt often get on FA, and they were sorry, and they absolutely still wanted the art. Sent a WIP at the start of November, and I've heard NOTHING from them. I have also left a shout asking if they received the wip.

I sent the WIP to confirm character details, but the commission was a wing it. I would rather confirm the details because I am unsure of them. A refund is not ideal, they were very clear they wanted the art. They specifically told me they dont get online often, but it's been a vew months versus the few weeks from the other reply. I have no other contact for them, just FA name.

Should I?
- wait for a reply
-finish the image and fix stuff if they reply
-post a seeking AB

EDIT; I actually checked his faves, and he has faved something created in 2020, so he HAS been on FA since I sent the note.

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It's really up to you.  There are a few notorious clients who take ages to respond.  If you'd like to post a lost contact we can help you out.  If you're comfortable waiting it out, then go ahead.  Just balance if you need to keep your queue moving or if you can stand to have something sitting in queue.

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