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Advice on 2 situations


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So I have two situations going on that I’m not sure how to respond to, or react. 
I’ll tell you a brief summary of each and then go into greater detail after.
also on my phone so sorry for misspells and bad grammar on my part :’)

situation one is, I commissioned an artist in May (May 5) for a YCH and I have yet to see a wip and they won’t respond to me. Turns out they have done this to a lot of people 


situation two is where I’m more confused on what to do because it hasn’t even been that long. 
November 14 I commissioned someone who advertised they would finish it ‘this weekend’ and even tho I didn’t think they would they haven’t responded to a single message. 
now for more detail lol


i commissioned a person I considered some what a friend in May (who had also commissioned me a week or two before) they were selling a YCH I liked so I claimed it and payed $17 (they asked for $15-$20 so I went in the middle) I have not seen a single wip or anything even tho they post art daily and adopts. They post more YCH but have yet to get to mine as they prefer working on personal art or adopts. I messaged them December 12 (well after the 180 day mark, my bad) asking for an update but it took them a few days to tell me “oh I can’t do digital art right now but I’ve posted it to my story and made posts about it”, i messaged them 20 hours after they posted a digital piece so I have no idea how they don’t have access to digital art. I also was not told this directly (and I haven’t found the post this is stated on and story’s only last 24hours and I barely get on Instagram as it is) When I asked where this information was they have yet to respond to me but continue to post art and YCH wips. 

i posted to my story about he situation and another friend messaged me saying they commissioned them last year in August and haven’t even seen one wip much less a sketch. Found out they had a Trello (that I’m not on) which a bunch of people waiting for their art from over a year ago. They even have a “refund section” so it seems to be an ongoing issue if there’s to not do he art. 
i messaged them today As it’s been a week and they refuse to give me an update but continue to post to their story and post art. I want to make a buyer caution (not a beware) since they are a friend and all but this has apparently been a big issue for a long while. 


so this one is recent and I have no intention of putting out a beware as one month isn’t a long time, the issue is I have messaged them multiple times and have yet to get a reply. I waited almost 2 years for a commission from [redacted by staff] but she updated me constantly and was an absolute pleasure to work with! So I can be patient but I just wish I would get a response? 
i sent them the money on November 14 and forget to tell them i sent it/payed (it was an invoice) they advertised it to be finished that weekend but I wasn’t super worried about it getting down super fast. A week later (November 22) goes by and I see they are advertising the same thing and saying “completed this weekend” again so I messaged them saying “hey sorry to bother you but wanted to make sure you received the payment?” I didn’t want to ask for an update yet but wanted to make sure they didn’t cancel bc they thought I never payed 

they never responded. So on December 14 (one month after I sent the payment) I sent a message actually asking for an update and mentioned I tried looking at their Trello but it said it was private, never got a reply again. 

Today I asked for an update again and mentioned it’s been a while and would like to get a reply. I also ended up saying I’d do a charge back but didn’t want to as I would just like to get the art instead and it’s literally only been a month, not a long time for art. I’m not sure what else to do as I do not want to do a charge back but I don’t know how to get them to respond to me. 

many advice or help would be really helpful!! 
And I do have a ton of screen shot I can share if needed! I just would need to blur out names and such! 

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censoring artist info
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  • Administrator

1.  You can most certainly make a post on this person.  However, before you do that I would either set a deadline for completion or a deadline for a refund first.  It doesn't sound like they take commission work all too seriously (especially at that price), and you may be in limbo indefinitely unless you really put your foot down.

2.  The second one also is going to require an ultimatum.  Are they reading your notes at all or are they unread?  Either way, tell them communication needs to improve or you'd like a refund.

Also you left the artist's name in the second situation.  Please remember all posts are to be anonymous.

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  • 1 month later...

The artist in the second situation had nothing to do with it!! I was trying to use her situation to show that I can be a patient person! 🙂 (I have commissioned miss G a dozens times since as well! Well worth the wait and money! <3) the person in the second situation was a completely different person! (I was trying to say that I had no issue waiting two years for the commission bc they updated me constantly!) but the artist from the second situation  has completed the piece! I had to publicly comment on their DeviantArt page to get them to respond tho.(took them less then ten minutes to reply), this was after they ignored my second note (as it was read with no reply) 

the person in the first situation I think I’m going to make a beware on them as I have started to put my foot down but they continue to sell art and ignore my messages. I’ve contacted other people to get they story’s as well to see how bad it is and such. But I’m still iffy on making it :’)


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