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Artist apologized, offered me a refund, then commited fraud to avoid refund

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Long story short he said he lost his job or something. I started a paypal dispute and he provided paypal with a tracking number for a shipment they'd sent apparently. They now are refusing to work or refund me as paypal sided with them. I'm trying to dispute with my bank now but jeezu


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  • Administrator

Unfortunately hindsight is 20/20, but when you open a dispute and escalate to a claim it's always best to call PayPal. Never use their automated system.

Was this tracking number related to your transaction? If not call PayPal immediately. Despite the transaction being closed you can still try and have it reversed. If you paid with a credit card, you can open a dispute with them. If it's a bank account not so much.

If all of that fails, then there's not much you can do, I'm sorry. (Except write up a beware.)

Good luck!

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