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So, someone decided to respond to this by sending me an anonymous message on tumblr rather than replying here so I'm going to answer here because it makes no sense to answer it on tumblr


I saw you posted your terms of service and I felt like it left out some important things. No privacy policy (very important for us EU people)

I'll have to read through what the requirements is on that so I know what exact verbiage I'd need. My guess is it'd be something to the effect of making a guarantee you won't misuse privately obtained information but I'll need to make sure.


no tracking and insurance on traditional media,

Yeah I should have a section for policies regarding shipping in general. I rarely ever do but it would be good to have.


you don't state your DPI/canvas size, what format clients will get, how much it costs for privacy,

Those details would be on the commission pages themselves, which I have not constructed yet. FYI for the time being, I provide all this information to the clients directly as part of the negotiation process before money even changes hands and I even notate that information in commission invoices for concrete reference for both myself and the client.


how much it costs to opt out of getting prints made

I'm guessing this is in reference to the possibility of reused work. I'm likely going to be re-working that entirely as I genuinely don't really see myself doing that in the first place.


if you have fees for character design, examples of major and minor changes, you preferred way of a client initiating a commission request.

Once again, details intended for the commission information pages themselves.


Also hard to read

Would be nice to have some clarification on this. (such as if the problem is formatting or the actual writing itself)

TY for the rest of the heads up on the stuff I need to add.

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