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I've commissioned Pronography @ FA several times over the past year and a half.

They're always very prompt in responding to commission inquiries, questions, etc.  Art ETAs vary, but I don't think I've had to wait more than a month, personally, for a commission.  Their prices are incredibly affordable for the quality. 

All in all, I find them very easy to deal with and will happily be going back to them often in the future.

Attached are some SFW commissions by them.  I've also had NSFW pieces done, but this isn't the place for thoe.

1128084803_CSaBrNibyPornographyonFA.png.a209168e69fe1c3e9e4cfbf4d9f965e6.png  918963778_zVCAomAbyPornographyonFA.png.a5239d4089f68e47cccc873c8e1dba0e.png  


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