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  • Caution: Desmond_The_Demon

    • Who: Desmond_The_Demon
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/desmondthedemon/
      When: 09/08/2020
      What: Other (Explain Below)

    We got scammed by someone named Desmond_The_Demon.
    On September 8th, this person wanted to buy one of our adoptables, so we sent the form. When the form was completed, we told that person about the price for all of that additionals which were listed, so next, we processed with the invoice. On the Paypal it said that 'invoice isn't paid' but was viewed, when that person states that they paid. We tried to see what was happening with it - we got the answer that this person was paying with the bank account using the Paypal, so we thought it will need some time to transfer the money from bank to the Paypal - so we trusted that person (we're always helping our customers as much as it possible) and we were preparing the files for them.

    On September 9th - we said that the payment didn't come to our Paypal account and they stated that the money was taken out of their bank, so we thought that Paypal is doing something weird and we were still waiting for the payment. On this day we asked for the screenshot too, we needed the proof that the payment was sent and we wanted to know if the Paypal really need that much time to transfer the money - they answered, that they see if they can cancel the payment and they will show the screenshot after that. After writing that, this person disappeared until the next day.  

    So next day (September 10th), the person said that they tried to resend the payment but the Paypal said "not able to send" and dissapeared again until the next day.
    We asked if the money returned to their account hoping that everything's okay. That person said the money returned back to their account (I didn't knew that the money could get back into the account so quickly, in 12 hours or something like that - it was suspicious too and we still didn't get the screenshot of the transaction). We thought if they can pay directly (without invoice), so we gave this person our Paypal e-mail for that, waiting for the results. So, they said that they'll try to pay directly and disappeared again. (I could say that they disappeared forever because they never wrote back, also we saw when they removed watch from our account).

    On 12th and 13th was weekend so we thought that we'll wait for this person to come back til the Monday.

    On Monday (14th) - still, no answer, the message is still unopened and their account was still inactive (like they're hiding from us).
    Finally, we gave them last day to write back and on 15th we saw that there was recent activity from that person's account, so we sent a note about that the time for the payment is over and the adopt is available to buy for someone else. We wasted a week trying to help that one person with the payment (which was probably fake and unpaid from the beginning, because they didn't show the proof that they paid for it) and we prepared all the files. We gave them a chance, because we thought they were really planning to pay for what they wanted to buy from us.




    [proxy has been censored out by staff.  please remember that bewares are only to focus on your transaction.]

    That person is targeting YCH and adoptables (probably from 70$ and above but idk), trying to blame on Paypal that the payment didn't come to the seller and waiting if the seller will give them the product, because "it's paid" when in fact - it's not paid. There's no proof that it's paid - when you ask for the payment confirmation (just a little screenshot!), that person starts backing away and avoiding the messages.
    So, please, watch out for that person - we hope that no one more get scammed confronting with this person. Take care!

    UPDATE: I found that they wanted to scam next two people. If you can, please, re-share that or just tell people about it and when that person wants to buy something from you - block them, because they will never pay for that thing.

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