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  • Beware: SoupDerg / ThatDumbFox

    • Who: SoupDerg
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/soupderg/
      When: 11/10/2020
      What: Commission

    Message added by James,

    This has been approved.  This client changes names often as well as the emails they use.

    The tags are our best collection of known usernames, but we know there are more from other individuals offsite.

    If you want to add a username, please comment with proof they're the same person.  We cannot accept "types the same" or "sounds the same".  Same username.  Same emails.  Same art.

    So this person recently commissioned me to design a fursona on a base they provided. I have never taken a commission before and accepted. I colored it in and asked them what they thought, made a few edits and showed it to them. They insisted paying me $30 which I was okay with. They then said they sent the payment and I never received anything. I later found that they posted it on FA claiming they colored it themselves. I left a comment on both accounts and am now blocked on both. 

    image_2020-11-18_051324.png.a640e43fad0c2de9e633ea128203afe1.pngimage_2020-11-18_051313.png.fd66701afd5c36360c00f30c61e0ba25.pngLess #1.jpg

    Less #2.jpgLess #3.jpgLess #4_2.jpg

    Less #5.jpgimage_2020-11-18_051221.png.c231d19a717d03332e58f8d3c4c66336.pngimage_2020-11-18_051358.png.ef3e965b510a3da8b1f0a43cc8dfd47c.png

    Edited by Celestina
    added screenshots

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    • Administrator
    1 hour ago, enbii said:

    I'm not sure how it works on FA, but have you tried filing a DMCA takedown? They quite literally stole your art...

    OP isn't following this thread, so I'm not sure if they will see this. However we did notice the art is gone from the client's gallery. Not sure if OP got it taken down or the base owner as the client wasn't supposed to give the base to others to fill out.

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