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  • Beware: Loisgriffin/showyoursoles

    • Who: Loisgriffin
      Where: https://twitter.com/ShowYourSoles
      When: 08/05/2020
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content

    Loisgriffin (e-mail)


    showyoursoles (Twitter)


    Contacted me about a commission Friday June 1st and all proceeded exactly as I would have expected for a commission. The story (NSFW content) was slotted into my schedule, as normal, payment was received and the work was completed on time (July 5th, as in screenshot "Loisgriffin, story 1"). There was no answer to my query for feedback (this is normal with some clients) so the full work was delivered after editing for typos (July 27th, as in screenshot "Loisgriffin, story 2").

    Unfortunately, the e-mails referencing a charge back from PayPal did not appear to come through to me (e-mail error) and I noticed something wrong on August 5th when my PayPal account dropped into the negative. On investigating, it appeared that a charge back had been initiated against this purchase, which is confirmed by Loisgriffin in screenshot "Loisgriffin, chargeback 2". They claim that this is an accident and asked to be invoiced again, after which I broke down the charges and additional fees for them (as my account had automatically, as per PayPal terms) covered the cost of the charge back and all fees.

    After querying this with Loisgriffin, they stated that their account had been put on hold (which is not unlikely, considering that a fraudulent charge back was filed and PayPal assigned the money back to the card issuer) but no further contact at all has been made. Options for payment were provided but there has been no contact at all since the final e-mail in the "chargeback" screenshot contact chain. I also attempted to contact via Twitter (one message of which on August 11th prompted an e-mail reply) but there have been no further responses to either Twitter DMs or Twitter public messages/tweets. Please see "Showyoursoles" screenshots for the two Twitter chains.

    Although I'm uncertain whether this was a genuine error or intentional, I know that I would have been mortified if I had accidentally charged back a commission that I had paid for and would have done everything possible as soon as possible to fix the error. Loisgriffin has not shown themselves to be working on correcting the error, which they have clearly stated that they have made. Allowing for a tumultuous time in the world (COVID-19 and so on), I have allowed one month for Loisgriffin to correct their error: this has not been done. Time has been allowed and, unfortunately, I must make a beware noticed to ensure that this is logged for other creators to be made aware.

    As they have charged back the commission and clearly stated that they have done so in their e-mails, I cannot advise working with this client. All appeared normal until the charge back was made and nothing was out of the ordinary about how the commission process went before with nothing suspicious or any warning signs that something was awry.

    The commission story will be claimed by myself and the client, Loisgriffin, does not have permission to use or re-post this work as the e-mails confirm that they have not paid for it.

    Note: private information (e-mail and name) have been excluded from this post where I have blocked out personal details. My business e-mail addresses are left live as they belong to myself for work purposes. I have also blocked out slight NSFW content (profile line) on one Twitter screenshot.


    Loisgriffin, story 1.PNG

    Loisgriffin, story 2.PNG

    Showyoursoles, twitter 1.PNG

    Showyoursoles, twitter 2.PNG

    Showyoursoles, twitter 3.PNG

    Loisgriffin, chargeback 1.PNG

    Loisgriffin, chargeback 2.PNG

    Loisgriffin, chargeback 3.PNG

    Loisgriffin, chargeback 4.PNG

    Loisgriffin, chargeback 5.PNG

    Loisgriffin, chargeback 6.PNG

    Loisgriffin, chargeback 7.PNG

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