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  • Beware: Jonah Harkness / jjharkness

    • Who: @JonahHarkness
      Where: https://twitter.com/JonahHarkness
      When: 10/28/2021
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content


    Client scammed me by filing and escalating to a claim for non-received goods on PayPal and won a refund. The very last image attached involves the OC (on the left was the reference provided, on the right was the piece I completed).

    I disputed it but PayPal ruled in favor of the client/scammer.

    Client used fraudulent, made-up reasons to file the claim, that I've sold a Minecraft account which got blocked and that I ghosted them after. They commissioned me for a NSFW piece, which I delivered on, gave them the files (October 23rd) and woke up to the claim on the 28th of October, 2021.

    The attached describe the overall series of events, my attempts to defend my case and ultimately the failure to do so. It's worth noting they used an associated email to file the claim, which is different from the invoiced one.

    I attempted contacting them on twitter and to my surprise they did respond but lied that they would take the claim down.

    I asked PayPal support if I could update my response to the dispute, they said they will only add notes that the client is using different emails and that I do NOT deal with Minecraft.

    The client locked their account after our last DM exchange. Before doing so I made a screenshot highlighting they've seen the dropbox link. They admitted to seeing the finished piece, too.






    Mod note: Removed finished commission, but it was uploaded!

    Edited by rikki
    censored nsfw. added invoice

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    • Administrator

    As a note:  When we approved this, the shouts were already on the client's page.

    To our users:  Please don't participate as well.  Spamming people's shouts only make them shut down and doesn't get resolution for the OP.

    To OP:  You can use more than one email for the same Paypal account.  Also, please call.  Never use their automated system.  You can still call and potentially have them reopen or pay you back out of pocket.

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    • Senior Staff
    2 minutes ago, BoRiSalien said:

    I want to add I got to a live chat and had an extensive conversation with them, not with an automated bot. Currently calling for me is not an option.

    When you are able to, a direct call would be the best option to have this matter resolved.
    A lot of the time the reps are not paying attention to the case details and its for the best to get a live human on the line regarding fraudulent transactions such as these.

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    Unfortunately from what i've noticed over the years on twitter once something like this get's posted there's always a mob especially from quote tweets.

    Really hope paypal helps you out OP considering the person in question has their twitter protected.

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    • Administrator
    On 11/2/2021 at 11:26 AM, Sifyro said:

    Holy shit? paypal didn't read the sller response and took in favor an unrelated minecraft excuse for a refund? 

    For a lot of customer service reps online they have quotas to meet which means they may cut corners. It's not paypal specific, unfortunately. With calling them the customer service agents are under less pressure to keep a high volume up, thus you're likely to get better results.

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    • Senior Staff

    To add to James' comment, I recently attempted the Paypal chat option for a matter that required escalation:
    My queries were routed to multiple agents who did not seem to understand the situation as it was being passed through multiple people.

    As someone who has worked via helpdesks in the past, this is indicative of the nature of quotas imposed upon Customer Service representatives in alternative contact methods.
    My matter was clarified immediately over the phone after some bungling through chats, so it's definitely not a method I would recommend for resolution if you have to open up an escalation at any given time.

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