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  • Beware: Ghost244

    • Who: Ghost244
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/ghost244
      When: 08/17/2019
      What: Commission

    This is my first time doing an AB, so hopefully I'm doing it correctly. 

    This was on my old account on FA (SkaalReaper), however, I have moved accounts since then and am now under HybridiumX. 

    August 17th 2019 I was sent a note by the user Ghost244 regarding a base ych I had for offer. As with any of my ychs, I like to make sure they've read the info on the post and have all the info needed. They're usually very quick for me to do, so I usually finish them the same day they're commissioned (unless I'm working or busy, but it's usually not the case and definitely wasn't the case with this one as they were both finished same day). They commissioned me twice on August 17th 2019 for $10 each for the same ych but with 2 different characters. I have links to the posted ych's below on FurAffinity.




    YCH 1 - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32699397/

    YCH 2 - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32702749/

    More recently (Nov 29th 2019) I had gotten a message from PayPal saying there was a dispute on the charges from them.


    I sent them a message to ask what was going on since I had finished the ychs for them and had even asked if everything looked good before posting them. I had gotten a reply from them saying they had no idea what was going on and were trying to fix it. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and waited. A day later it was pushed through and my account had been down from both the chargeback and PayPal taking extra money on top of it. I had messaged them asking if they were still working on it but it was read with no reply. I continued to give them a few days between notes and each time they would read and not reply. Finally I gave them a last message that I was going to post the beware in hopes they would try to reply or something but they yet again read and failed to reply.




    I've never had to do this before so I'm hoping I have put everything together properly.

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    Contact paypal asap.  Give them everything you have, because this is fraud.  Chargebacks only happen if the buyer initiates it, or if the buyer uses a payment method they weren't authorised to use.  They don't just happen by accident.

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    I had given PayPal details on it and they forced it through the next day leaving me in the negative at the time. I don't think it can be undone at this time, as far as I'm aware. They have my money for the commissions and are still refusing to reply to me (last I had checked on my old account on FA, atleast) so I feel as though it's just going to have to be left as a warning for people to avoid them.

    Also sorry if I didn't reply properly, this is my first time replying and I'm not used to the more forum-style reply system here.

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    If they took extra money then it's a chargeback. Call PayPal. Never use their online system. At the very least they'll remove the chargeback fee. Offer proof the client accepted the images.

    They either had no intention of paying or they used a CC they had no authorization to use. PayPal, nor any payment processor, has the power to dismiss these. It's in the hands of the credit card company. All PayPal can do is reimburse you out of pocket.

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    PayPal is usually pretty good about taken care of fraudulent chargebacks. 
    I've dealt with a few over the last year (seems to be trend, sadly) and I called PayPal and they were willing to help as long as I had evidence (visual, such as an invoice, emails, or messages showing mutual agreement between both parties on services completed). 

    However, be aware that if they used a credit card then it will take a while for the process to get anywhere. CC companies tend to side with their clients more often than not. However, if you have evidence of agreement from their client to pay for the service it'd be harder for them to dispute a fraudulent charge. It just might take a while. 

    Please, contact PayPal asap and get everything gathered to file a dispute claim? This isn't right or fair and they shouldn't be able to get away with it. 

    Good luck!

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