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  • kelpiemoonknives

    • Who: kelpiemoonknives
      Where: https://twitter.com/KelpieMK
      When: 10/16/2017
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content

    I commissioned Kelpiemoonknives aka Kazmik to draw a ponified  version of the Crysis nano suit from the original games. 


    They were taking a while but I considered them a good friend so I didn't worry. The commission was a taking a while so I changed it to something else involving Raven from mlp.

    discord1-.thumb.png.2acb2e3806287fb76b81052041c86c4e.png discord.thumb.PNG.11151d0f58900ea4171bd8a918ada2c3.PNG

    Kazmik hasn't responded requests about my commission since Jan 22, 2019


    I tried messaging Kazmik on the one of their Twitter accounts that allowed DM from non-mutuals and no-response even though they're active on that account.


    I feel betrayed and have spent too long worrying over this so I created this.

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    • Moderators

    You need to actually communicate your intentions with your inquiries.

    It isn't right that they ran off with your money, but just repeatedly spamming 'hi' and other generic greetings doesn't get the point across that you'd like to discuss your work with them.
    Friend or no, you hired them to provide a service and they failed to keep up on that.
    You should separate your friendship from business transactions to avoid miscommunications with an artist.

    It can be friendly conversation, sure, but this isn't the way I would conduct business with a friend. It's even worse because of the second post you made regarding this individual.

    While your intentions were good, you were taken advantage of by a 'friend' who shouldn't have asked so much of you without giving you what was initially due 😞

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    I just want to say that personally, I feel that the poster's intentions of checking their commission status were made quite clear through many of their messages.

    I do agree however that mixing friendship and business transactions can create murky waters that are hard to navigate if anything goes wrong. redhandle, I can't imagine that you would have bought multiple expensive commissions without seeing the initial one completed in some way, if they had not been a friend in need. It's really unfortunate that this happened and that your kindness was taken advantage of.

    It's important to note as well that requesting buyers to send transaction payments through 'Friends and Family' is against PayPal TOS and a red-flag, as it removes buyer protection. Their PayPal account is at risk by doing that. The artist is instead meant to factor in the transaction fee into their prices, if they are unwilling to take the fee hit at the current price.


    Edited by Devildove
    Typo (sorry)
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    Thanks for understanding Devildove. I just feel a strong need to help people I like and I went further than common sense should have dictated. The artist did eventually reply and agreed to pay me back but they don't have a timeline. They're responding and made a commitment which is always a good first step and makes me feel a lot better.

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