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    Caution - Maim

    • Who: Maim
      Where: https://businessmaim.tumblr.com/
      When: 01/27/2019
      What: Commission


    This has been downgraded to a caution as the client has a refund.  All resolved upon submission entries are automatically cautions.

    Message added by Celestina

    Throwaway account + censoring because I'd like to protect my privacy.

    TL;DR at bottom.

    First commissioned around the end of January 2019. Was one of their standard commissions through their generic commission forms. Their TOS stated that they'd deliver inside of 90 days tops. They've since deleted their toyhou.se panel that has their standard commissions, so I don't have picture proof of the page. I do mention it in the emails, however.


    After that initial email trade, that was all I heard from them for around an entire half year. Here are another 3 emails I sent over the course of that, the first two of which got no response. I can understand the first one not needing a response, but they provided no updates whatsoever and did not reply after I tried to contact them about their 90-day guarantee. I will also mention this was their "business" email.


    In the meantime, they were posting all kinds of adoptables on their alternate accounts, more than multiple times per month. Here are some of the ones they posted from mid October to mid November, in the span of one month:






    These hardly scratch the surface, however. They frequently opened on other commission types and whatnot in the time I waited for my commission, including (but likely not limited to) Ko-fi headshot commissions, Ko-fi kobold doodle commissions, and an INSANE amount of adoptables. This also isn't including higher-quality commissions on their main account they posted within the first month of me commissioning them. For perspective, you can browse their gallery here (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/doodlies) and skim over the appalling amount of (mostly adoptables) content their is from the start of Feb. 2019 to the end of Nov. 2019. Keep in mind that the vast majority of these were NOT things they had queued up prior to me commissioning them. Most of these commissions they actively/voluntarily took up while I was waiting for mine. Their Twitter (https://twitter.com/MaimFace) was also frequently updated with their adoptables postings.

    Being normally patient with artists, I decided to stick it out until around December. After that point, I had waited almost an entire year (as well as watched a ton of their work come and go with my commission being largely ignored) and didn't trust that they would actually deliver in the quoted time frame, so I asked for a refund which they ironically delivered somewhat promptly.




    Extremely unresponsive emails despite being their "business" email, sometimes going months without replying. Despite a 90-day guarantee, they did not deliver in the span of an entire year, which ended up in a requested refund. Frequently posted numerous other types of commissions and seemed to largely disregard mine despite their own guarantees regarding timeliness. 

    Edited by Celestina
    censored non public email

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