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  • Beware - Xubuntu / Qwertydragon

    • Who: Xubuntu / QWERTYDRAGON
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/QWERTYDRAGON
      Discord: Xubuntu#1403
      When: 04/05/2019
      What: Commission


    There were multiple messages that we asked the OP to remove entirely as it was general chatting not to do with the transaction.  We've seen the conversation in it's entirety.

    Message added by Celestina

    Good day to you all.

    Small notice - As requested by moderation staff from the original post I have removed a number of screenshots with just plain conversation not quite pertaining to the topic of the commission. But showed a regular source of contact for some of this situation with the artist in question.

    I am rather upset the situation has come to this. But here goes in as concise and explanatory a situation as possible.  

    This would be my second commission from QWERTYDRAGON aka Xubuntu. With my first having been a successful piece commissioned from them in January of 2019. They completed this commission on time and to a high degree of quality. Thus as you will see from the posted discord screenshots we had a conversation about a Mecha-Dragon version of the Red Dragon character of mine - Rakarth Cinderscorn. A price was agreed and set to be paid for. Months went by, with a initial sketch being provided by the artist as you will see in one of the screenshots.  From then on, time went by with regular communication going on between myself and said artist. As it came to the later part of the year - I asked for deadlines that could be set for the art to be completed (With myself under the belief it was in progress and being worked on).

    The first of these was around my Birthday in the July period, and the second was in the month involving Halloween. Both of these deadlines were missed and multiple attempts at communication were attempted. Not only via discord which was the preferred medium of contact.  Multiple emails were sent to their direct business address which they confirmed they had received and yet hadn't answered because 'I just get lazy sometimes'. 

    I have attempted to contact Paypal for a resolution, which has been denied given the time-frame involved. This was an individual I believed I could trust, they do make quality artwork for sure. But their focus it seems had turned to completing other newer commissions and a Patreon of specified artwork which you can search based upon their name Xubuntu / Qwertydragon (Their artist alias, Real name is unknown and censored for site reasons).

    I would like to make sure no one else ever has to go through such an experience with said artist, nor ends up waiting for inordinate amounts of time. Nor losing out on the costs of said artwork. For me the cost is the lesser of the two lossess here.

    Sincerely recorded,


    Paypal Payment to Xubuntu.png















    Email One.png

    Email two.png

    Edited by Celestina
    fixing formatting

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    As a dragon artist, I really admired their art at one point, but the general attitude they give to followers and now even clients that would pay tips (and offer to buy computer parts for them) has truly soured them as an artist for me. I do hope things can be resolved somehow.

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    The worst part of the situation? We seemed to get along quite well and I considered them a friend as it were. With the first commission I had with them, they were involved in an accident and asked for more time. I said take as long as you need - if something had happened this time around all they had to do was say something. I can be understanding and empathetic...but the whole debacle has made me really question commissioning artists in recent times sadly. 

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