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  • Beware: Seoir

    • Who: PortraitRose
      Where: https://www.deviantart.com/Seoir
      When: 11/04/2018
      What: Commission

    Last year I commissioned the artist Seoir for an image of one of my OCs. They were offering $25 bust commissions, which was a bit steep for me at the time, but I really liked their art style.

    So, I send them their money and all is fine. I wait a couple months, because I know how long art can take, and go to message them to see what's happening and where they are at. Turns out that they have deactivated their account, and I have no other way to get in contact with them.

    So, in conclusion, this is somewhat of an undelivered commission story and definitely a beware story.

    Hopefully the attachments work. Here are some guides to understand what is happening:

    png 1-4: My back and forth with Seoir about getting a commission from them.

    $25 Bust Commission Sheet: One of the pieces that Seoir was using to advertise their commissions. (Sorry I didn't include their name, this was found on Google Images after the fact.)










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    Howdy OP!  We went and removed mentions of the second account.  While we found lots of links to the other account, if it is true this Seoir person was impersonating them then it wouldn't be fair to link to their account.  We'd rather err on the side of caution.

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    I remember commissioning this artist on the other account before they moved to Seoir (though I have no thoughts/info on the impersonation issue, only that the other account linked to Seoir as their new account--I recall some time ago the artist said they would be moving to this new account [Seoir], so it's likely this is the same person).

    Artist link here in case mods want to delete it within the comment: https://www.deviantart.com/ma-gi (the account is also deactivated, furthering the impression they're both the same person)

    It's unfortunate that they've become a scammer, since my commission was delivered without a hitch and they seemed fairly present and active on DA until I saw this PSA. Well-warranted now that they seem to have deactivated both accounts to avoid communication.

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    Hey @Tythius your comment was hidden as positive IDs for "same accounts" must either be:

    • Same art posted to both accounts
    • Same email address
    • Same real life name

    If you have any of those please PM any mod, and we can get that tag for the old name added.

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    Thank you! I didn't realize that they weren't the same before I talked to the other artist.

    Glad that they were able to explain their side, though.

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    Hiya OP, after a lot and lot of digging and going down rabbit holes, it appears this user is a serial tracer.  They trace commissions, get caught, and then bail to the next username.  Unfortunately, even if you got your commission, it wouldn't have been likely to be legitimate.

    I went ahead and attached tags to all the usernames I found linked to them.

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