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  • Beware: Saturns_suits

    • Who: Saturns_suits
      Where: Furry Amino and Instagram
      When: 07/24/2018
      What: Commission

    Message added by James

    This post has been edited to remove proxy.

    I commissioned this individual July 28, 2018. I had recieved one WIP image, and then nothing after that. No updates were given to me unless I asked, and I didn't message them often. It got to a point that they weren't responding, so I had to go and see if they had any other social media just to contact them. January 4th hit and I realized I was never going to recieve my artwork. So I asked for a refund, and they said it could take days to weeks. I said okay and left it be for literally months. I then messaged them recently. They read the message, and ignored it. So I called them out on it and they responded very rudely. They are extremely unprofessional, I do not recommend them. Please, do not commission this individual for artwork or even fursuits. You are not guaranteed to get what you payed them for, and I highly doubt they'll ever actually give me a refund.











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    Man, I'm sorry to hear this... I'm going through the same thing with her rn. In exchange for $90 and her current business logo design, I was promised a plush sent before Xmas 2018 for my best friend. (Paid for rush fee and in a nice lil present box) I think I got one progress pic and it was deleted from our insta chat?? My buyer protection was gunna run out so I asked for a refund and recharge. She said yes but when it came time to it, I heard nothing, so I filed a dispute and she silently refunded and recharged me without so much as a word about it. I took screenshots of everything as well cause she just immediately came of as rude and fishy... idk if I should try to confront her about this or just file a dispute.... These screenshots are the last contact I've had with her (which was months ago)Screenshot_20190401-144020_Instagram.thumb.jpg.8f36672f0a5bdf014e20bdbb180d398f.jpg


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    Im horribly scared now....i just joined this to comment. But back in september, i got a $900 full suit from her. She told me a month or 2 ago shes officially begun working on,  just hasnt taken any photos. I also got some $80 feetpaws yher were guarenteed in 3 weeks. Nothing. I know for a fack my protection in paypal is gone so im screwed there....she did say it woukd take her a year to get the suit done. But i cant help but to be nervous.

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