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  • Beware PuccaRuu/InkyPup

    • Who: PuccaRuu / Inkypup
      Where: https://twitter.com/inkypup
      When: 11/30/2017
      What: Commission


    It's been nearly two years from commission date and having only ever had limited contact that has always been initiated by me has left me to believe this is the only viable choice left for me as I'm well out of the charge back window through PayPal. I messaged the user on my birthday planning to get a piece done in honor of the occasion as they had been advertising previously about doing in-stream commissions. I had commissioned them once before that had somewhat of a waiting period which was understandable at the time. However, with this being in-stream I had imagined that the turnaround would be far briefer than the last one. When we agreed to the terms of the commission it was over Discord because I had established that connection with them during the prior commissioning.

    I paid them $80 and would go months at a time without hearing anything from them. I would occasionally mention at the subject and try to get some sort of update but would often be ignored. When I would recall that I still had the commission outstanding with them, I would even go so far as to try and talk to them and change up the idea to something that I hoped would pique their interest enough to knock it out. Overall it had no effect and I would continue to be ignored as things carried on. I was never officially added onto the queue and so when I had brought up in notes through FA that I hadn't received any progress or word on my commission it was met with skepticism until I dug the chat logs up to show them. After promising they would add me to their queue and finish the commission, this was never followed through.

    They continue to take in stream commissions, ychs, post art on twitter and FA but refuse to pay me back or give any kind of set date for payment. It's hard to believe if they are out of town and are too busy to get me my refund that they would have enough time to take in stream commissions for hours at a time.

    As of right now I have been given the seventeenth as the next update time. I will update accordingly until things are resolved in some way.






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    I have had a similar situation with this user as well. I bought an Instream thinking it would be done...in stream. They ended the stream early and I noted them on furaffinity to make sure they had my contact. A month passed by and I contacted them again, however they said they didnt know who I was or what commisison I bought. I explained to then and then they were like ok I'll get on it. 4 months passed by with no updates. I finally was like "are you ever going to to it?" To which they said it was done and they just needed to transfer it to their computer to send to me. I waited 2 more weeks and then just aksed for a refund. I did get a refund in the end, but idk why they take on work they don't end up completing and habe terrible communication only to then lie to people. 

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    I would like to get this updated as resolved, but I don't think that I can on my own without an admin marking it as such or adding in the additional tag.

    Shortly after posting, Pucca did reach out to me and was very professional in addressing things. She quelled my concerns and assured me that something was going to be done about the situation to help rectify things. She gave concise and consistent attention on the matter while dealing with it, she was always available in case I had any further questions in the meantime. She was very dedicated and candid with getting me a refund as well as being very empathetic to my position in the situation. I could not have wished for a better result for this unfortunate situation. She did not shy away from taking fault in the situation and was very adamant about finding a solution that worked.

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    4 hours ago, TundraFright said:

    I would like to get this updated as resolved, but I don't think that I can on my own without an admin marking it as such or adding in the additional tag.

    We can mark it approved yes, just give us the heads up when the refund is completed and we'll do so.

    Very glad to know she made a point to contact you and resolve things, it's always good to hear when anyone is able to own up to the issue and address the problem considerately.

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    Agreed! I couldn't be happier with the end result. The refund has since processed so everything has been smoothed over. 

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