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  • Lurker45
    • Who: Lewdtime, Lewdtim_e, Lwtime, lazy-time, lazytim_e
      Where: https://twitter.com/Lewdtim_e
      When: 07/14/2022
      What: Commission

    Message added by James,

    Sensitive Content:  Links in this post lead to galleries that post "dead dove" content not behind a hard filter.  Sensitive Content includes underage, extreme gore, and unsanitary kinks (scat, watersports).

    In short, I paid Lewdtime for thee commissioned pictures and only received one.

    The full story: on 7/14/22 I subscibed to Lewdtime's Pixiv Fanbox, which works very similarly to Patreon in that the user pays a certain fee every month in exchange for terms set by the artist. This complaint deals exclusively with the monthly colored sketch and so I have omitted information on the lower tier's terms, which this tier also receives.


    Lewdtime has since replaced this tier with one that has an identical description but an increased price.

    Pixiv Fanbox records a user's payment history like this:


    At the end of September I decided to cancel my subscription so this represents the entire relevent payment history. I have censored mention of another artist I support on Fanbox as they are not related to this complaint.

    I communicated with Lewdtime through Discord.

    I have since deleted the imgur gallery so the link was dead when I recently took these screencaps.

    After ten days Lewdtime had not responded so I sent another message.


    A few days later, a little late, Lewdtime gave me a first sketch and we briefly discussed some changes which resulted in an updated sketch.

    At this point things were going well, but after this two more weeks went by with no word from Lewdtime so I contacted him again.

    After another week with no further word, I was worried Lewdtime was getting badly behind on what was supposed to be a series of sketches completed monthly.


    By the 1st of September I decided to accept the idea of a two-character piece replacing the one-character pieces for August and September, hoping that it would lead to Lewdtime catching up and that in the future sketches would not be late.


    I have censored the descripition of the idea for perhaps being too lewd for this website.
    More than two weeks later I had heard nothing and sent another message.


    I have censored the sketch for the same reason as above.
    When I had not heard back by the last day of September I decided not to allow my Fanbox subscription to renew for a fourth month. After I cancelled it, Lewdtime sent me one last message with a second WIP for the combined August/September picture, as well as, finally, a completed version of the July picture.


    Details of the second request censored again.

    I had cancelled my subscription but as I had already paid for the August/September picture and Lewdtme had produced some WIPs for it I attempted to communicate a further two times in October.


    I received no reply.

    Prior to making this post I tried one last time to contact Lewdtime, making clear my position on what I thought was fair.


    I have received no reply at the time I submitted this post.

    Pixiv Fanbox does not seem to offer subscribers any recourse when artists do not fulfill their end of the bargain so my money is simply lost.

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