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  • Beware: Ansta / Icono_stas_is

    • Who: FA: Ansta / Telegram: Icono_stas_is
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/ansta
      When: 11/30/2022
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content

    Caution: There will be some watersports art. And then gore and mentions of scat. I've censored some of the more sensitive artwork.

    It started out as what seemed like some normal commissions but as time goes by with subsequent commissions, the artist could not seem to deliver on the artwork and even after waiting so long, it's becoming increasingly frustrating. I am growing to have trust issues.

    Anyways, here goes nothing. Because it'll be long, I've split it into parts and placed under spoilers.

    Part 1: The beginning

    It started out as some innocent discussion and the artist showing me what can be done. I asked for some watersports artwork involving my sona which the artist only seems too happy to oblige.










    Everything seemed to come nicely, even got the sketch for the first commission. The first commission was paid for on the 20th of November, 2022.

    I then asked for some revisions. I also got the line art and more progress. Incremental progress, step by step.




    I've been discussing and planning out what kinks can be done in subsequent commissions. Planning things out, nothing too out of the ordinary.


    Sure enough, it was getting closer to completion.






    Part 2: The Botched Commission

    After the first commission is complete, I started discussing about a new snuff artwork that will feature one of my friends' characters. I discussed with my friend and he gave me the a-ok to have his character be the victim.





    I was indecisive, but I decided to go for an execution artwork first, it seemed logical. Paid on the 30th of November. That's when things start to go south.




    I then made a rough sketch for an idea. Basically, I would like the comic to involve my character escorting a prisoner out of his cell and to the execution area and I even designed the guillotine.



    Mind you, the amount paid was in Rubles. My bank charged me in Canadian dollars. Boosty for some reason didn't like large transactions so I broke it down into smaller transactions. The site was a real fickle one to work with.


    While the artist can't refund it, he did say that the extra payment will be used as a credit towards the next commission. I should have paid $145.18 for the commission. The extra $46.83 was the accidental overpayment.


    It's been a week which is fine and all. I contacted and asked how things are. Then another week went by. The artist said about the line being ready. I was getting excited. Then he asked if a client could send me a rebate. I tried answering with as simple solution of trying to pay in smaller increments.


    After what felt like a month of waiting, I got the first lineart. Progress. It was a bit off, I did not like the results. And there was only one.


    I've sent a ref


    The artist didn't bother revising my hair. And the hood would be better anyway.


    The artist claimed to be in the final stages. Never delivered. It will only get worse from there.


    Part 3: Radio Silence & Ghosting

    The second commission didn't quite go well. I thought I would ask for some scat relief artwork.



    I'm surprised at the outcome of the sketch and I asked for changes to the fountain.


    While I wait for my payment to come, I had some more discussing about possible art scenario.


    The artist then asked about using someone's mouth for an art piece but I disagreed, it's not my kink.



    I then sketched up some fountain designs the artist can use for the artwork.


    More Boosty issues but my payment did went through.


    I paid 5000 more Rubles for the scat artwork, taking advantage of the credit I had from the overpayment.


    I started to call the artist out on being ghosted.


    At this point, I am losing hope. Even more excuses. The excuses about the war zone and the poor village internet.


    I keep checking the status and it still changes from time to time. Only one checkmark.

    And to top it all off? I checked the FA profile and there are still artwork being submitted from time to time, even as recent as a few days ago or even several hours ago as of the time of writing so I suspect the artist had been making excuses and ghosting me.

    The payments I made for separate commissions. The date of payment should match up with the date timestamp of Telegram messages where I notified of payment. Keep in mind that Boosty is used to pay.

    Commission #1: (Status: Complete, submitted to my gallery)
    Amount paid: $141.99 CAD | 6126 RUB


    Commission #2: (Status: Botched, artwork never revised to my request. Intended to be a sequence, only got one nearly-finished frame that needs colours and revisions.)
    Amount paid: $192.01 CAD | 8200 RUB (Intended: $145.18 / 6200 RUB)


    Commission #3: (Status: Never finished)
    Amount paid: $92.07 CAD | 5000 RUB (+$46.83 / 2000 RUB credit from overpaying commission #2)



    The Unfinished Execution Sequence Artwork (Content Warning: Gore/Decapitation + Green Blood)
    Just in case if you were wondering what was in animation.gif


    I really ASKED for this to have a guillotine be used, not lightsaber.


    At this point, I begin to suspect this "artist" might be a scammer so if this person comes to you asking to commission, please know about my experience.



    As per the request, I've attached the notes.


    Additional messages on Telegram:



    Ignore the funkiness, I don't know why Telegram shows double 'Today' when the first one was actually on 29th of August.



    User Feedback

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    I have an update. The third commission is finished and I think it somehow came out better. I will have to wait and see if the second commission can be resolved. So this is only partially resolved.



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    I'm currently having a similar situation with this artist. Lots of delays met with silence. When I do get a response, they're excuses. "My pet is sick", "I've been in war", etc. Meanwhile they continue to post new art pieces regularly.


    I haven't even been lucky enough to get a sketch or a WIP, I'm pretty sure absolutely zero progress has been made on my piece and it's been over 8 months since I paid. I'm glad you made this post because it's validating my concerns about this artist. I may have to make my own post about them myself.

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