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  • Beware: Yuurikin

    • Who: Yuurikin
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/yuurikin/
      When: 07/05/2012
      What: Commission


    Aug. 18th, 2012 at 8:34 PM


    Edit: Yuuri has finally paid for commission on 10/6/2012  
    Thank you everyone for the advice I really appreciate it very much!

    WHO: Yuurikin

    WHERE: Business of commission was at a collab account in which me and my friend owns. https://www.furaffinity.net/user/mutantfreak/

    WHAT: My friend who is the artist opened 2 commission slots. Yuurikin was the first to nab one and ask for a $20 full body commission. This is where I come in because I handle all the transactions and business of the account so we moved our discussion into the notes.

    WHEN: July 5th, 2012

    PROOF:  These are all of the notes on July 5th and on the 12th, plus the note that was sent on August 17. They are all in order.

    EXPLAIN: Yuurikin has had a small history with us. When we started Yuurikin was an amazing customer to have, she would pay quickly and gaves us a good conversation from time to time. She really enjoyed my friend's artwork a lot. We started out back in January. As months went by things were doing pretty well Yuurikin would always ask for a hold on our adopts which we had no problem in but the thing was she would never buy them even after waiting for a month or more. One day we were selling a huge batch of $5 adopts that had never sold. Yuurikin wanted to do a trade which I agreed on. So I gave her the adopts and waited for her half of the trade but it never came so I brushed it off since it was only a cookie cutter critter. 
    When she took a art commission slot from us everything was going smooth at first till it came to the payment part. I ask for payment up front before my friend starts anything but since Yuurikin was like a friend she told me the payment will be sent in an hour or so because of her father. So I OKed it and the first stage of the commission was started which was a pencil sketch. Yuurikin loved how it looked all that was needed was a expression changed. So while going through this she mentioned to me that she found a friend who will pay for her now, which was fine. As we waited for payment the drawing was being pen inked and colored. After waiting for what I believe was like an hour or more I checked my paypal to see if anything was sent because the commission was completed. I saw no payment and the first thing that went through my mind was hoping that the email of the paypal was correct so I sent her a note about it. I told her she can't get her commission until payment is sent which she understood. After that I heard no word from her untill July 12th when I sent her a pm from my main account telling her that the payment was still never sent so she told me in reply that she will remind her friend. So I waited more and still never gotten a payment. Now my computer crashed from a hard drive failure on the 6th so I had no way to contact some people. It was on the 12th when my mother lend me her laptop so I could send a note from my main to Yuurikin that payment has not been sent.
    So as of August 17th I sent her a note asking what was her friend's FA so I could explain the situations and that I am still waiting for payment. As the note was read by her I never gotten a reply even as of today (August 18). So she pretty much ignored us.  

    Me and my friend are extremely upset, Yuurikin had our trust and it felt squashed down pretty hard. The ink that is used for the lineart of the drawings is expensive which costs us $14.25. These are $8 bottles of ink which does run out after a lot of use. This is why we sell cookie cutter adopts with a large verity of color designs on them which is the only thing done digitally. Our main goel for this business is to make the customers happy and satisfied. We also have made a simple TOS if that is needed on here for this report. https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3377520/

    Also I do apologies if there are any errors my Enlgish is not my stong points and this is the first time I posted on here.  

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