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  • Beware: siedend / galagya

    • Who: siedend / galagya
      Where: wolfhome forums/serenityisles forums
      When: 09/09/2010
      What: Commission

    • Sep. 30th, 2011 at 6:51 AM
    Aye, hello there. I'm relatively new  to all of this, including LJ, so please forgive me for any mistakes.

    I'm not really doing this for myself, but more for everyone who is still waiting and anyone who ever goes to do business with her. While her art is absolutely fantastic her business manners and time for getting things done is absolutely terrible. Though she is usually pretty good with giving refunds if you ask for them.

    WHO: Galagya, http://siedend.deviantart.com/ , http://galagya.deviantart.com/

    WHERE: wolfhome forums/serenityisles forums

    WHAT: premade poses for the chats

    WHEN: September 9th of last year.

    PROOF: Since it's been so long I can no longer grab proof of me sending the payment for them also I didn't pay with paypal I paid with the chat's currency which is deltas. Although I did earn those through commissions so I guess it still counts? Here's the topic where everything is even all the screenshots are taken from there.

    September of last year she had posted a topic on Serenity which contained a presale of a premade wolf set she was working on. It was $25 Paypal/50 Deltas to preorder them all so I sent out the deltas for all of them because I'm a really big fan of her artwork. When she posted said topic there was a little preview of them already and she stated that they were just WIPs for now but she was getting close to being done with some of them. (screenshot) So I figured okay then it shouldn't be too long for them to be completely finished. Well that's where I and many people were wrong. March of this year she finally comments on her topic after not giving any of us any updates at all
    apologizing for not posting in so long and saying she had redone the poses. She asked us if we wanted to see them so far or if we wanted to wait and most people said they'd like to see a little sneak peak of the new ones. (screenshot) Well that never happened. More and more time went by with no more updates or even a preview of the newley redone poses. So someone finally sent her a PM on the forums asking for an updated and apparently she replied with this. That was on June 11th of this year. More time went buy and in August someone posted a comment saying they were keeping an eye on a topic she made over on wolfhome forums with premade sets. I decided I'd take a look into and to my surprise she had started another premade set without even finishing the one she started over on Serenity. (screenshot)
    On Augst 28th someone had posted what Galagya had said through a PM on a different forum. (screenshot) Later on that day the same person gave us an update for the 20th of August saying Galagya was going through a move and her family was visiting her. They also said that she was busy with making her own chat instead of working on all this owed artwork that people have already paid for. (screenshot)
    I figured that's okay, real life things pop up and can't be avoided so I just went about my way. On September 23rd, it had already been over a year since myself and many others paid for these poses, I seen on wolfhome forums that they were finally all moved into their new place and even had internet. I also seen a topic Galagya herself posted on wolfhome forums August 31st. Which can be seen here.
    More time passed and still nothing. Now back in April she made a topic on wolfhome forums selling puppies which people had to buy and then in a few weeks they were suppose to get the completed refs of the adult versions of those. By this time those people that had paid for those were starting to get a bit frustrated. Which I can understand, but that's a whole different story really. Lets just say out of all 10 of those people who paid $20.00 for a puppy have yet to see a single ref finished. Not even so much as a sketch.

    Anyways it's now September 30th she still hasn't completed the premade set. Not to mention she owes quiet a few peple things they've already paid for, but that isn't for me to get into. Many people have sent her emails and PMs reminding her about them and asking her about them and still nothing. No updates, no previews, no nothing.

    Now like I said she's generally good about refunds if you ask her for one, but sometimes she gets an attitude about it. No I don't have proof, just past experiences. This isn't really anything new for her since she's been this way for a really long time from what I've noticed. About a year or two back there were people who had been waiting 3 years for a commission. I'm not sure how that is now though I'm pretty sure she refunded everyone or something.

    But yeah if you ever go to commission her just beware of how long it could possibly take her and don't expect updates. She gives little to no updates. Her art is wonderful, but the wait and no updates isn't.

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