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  • Beware: MurphyErasmus

    • Who: murphyerasmus
      Where: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/murphyerasmus/
      When: 07/19/2011
      What: Fursuit/ Fursuit Parts

    Aug. 7th, 2012 at 4:20 AM


    Who: MurphyErasmus (Furaffinity) Don't know any of her other aliases 


    Where: Windows Live Messenger/ Hotmail, Furaffinity 

    What: Fursuit partial commission, including a head, tail, feet and hand paws.  We came to 

    an agreement of 200$ for the partial, to be paid in 4 separate installments of 50$. All 4 

    installments were paid. All that was left was shipping charges, which we agreed wouldn't be 

    paid until after the suit was completed. 


    July 19th 2011 - We came to an agreement as to the price and what was going to be in the 

    commission. The partial fursuit with the head, tail, feet and hand paws. We agreed that 

    200$ would be the price excluding shipping that would be calculated later. We also agreed 

    that the suit would be paid off in 4 separate installments. 

    July 20th 2011 - I sent her the first installment of 50$ Which is noted below by the paypal 

    receipt. The payment was sent to cmmcshane@hotmail.com Later that day, she messaged me 

    saying she wanted to get started right away and ask for the second payment earlier so that 

    she could buy the materials. So 2 hours or so after the first installment was paid the 

    second one was sent, once again 50$ to the same email address. As shown by the screencap

    July 25-30th 2011 - She contacts me again with a status update and states that she had 

    begun work and that everything was going smoothly. She then sent me pictures that are 

    linked below. 

    August 8th 2011 - I sent her the last 2 payments, both each of 50$. I noted in the 

    description section of paypal that these were payments for a fursuit. Like the first two 

    payments these were sent to cmmcshane@hotmail.com and they are proven by the screencaps of 

    the receipt. 

    August 9th 2011 - She contacts me on msn to state that she has received the payments and 

    that I should be getting the suit sometime around October, and that shed message me on FA 

    sometime during October when it was finished. I don't message her again until November 1st 

    because I assumed she was working on it and I didn't want to be a bother. 

    November 1st 2011 -  I message her to enquirer about the fursuit cause she failed to 

    contact me about the completion. 

    November 7th 2011 - She responds to my message and states that she might be dying of liver 

    failure so she hasn't had time to work on it. She states that a few things needed to be 

    fixed on the suit and states they should be done soon. I sent a response saying that that 

    was ok, cause of the "circumstances".

    November 16th 2011 - She responds to my message and states that she was sick and didn't 

    have time to work on the suit. She also stated for the in-convince that I would receive a 

    few free badges, and pictures as to were she was in the progress. I ask if I can receive 

    the pics by that Sunday, she stated that she could do that and it was never done.  When I 

    messaged her back. I got no response. I send more messages after this inquiring what was 

    happening to no response. 

    February 7th 2012 - She finally responds to my messages from November 2011. She now states 

    that she still hasn't done anything on the suit cause she was facing eviction and cant 

    afford to feed herself. She gave me two options, she could either finish it or just give me 

    a refund. When I stated what I wanted, her to complete it, she responded with an ok. 

    March 1st - Present - I've been messaging her every two weeks inquiring about the fursuit. 

    She has yet to respond to any of my messages and it was at this point I have come to 

    believe that she just took my money and ran with it. I've also commented on her FA page and 

    gotten no response. 

    August 1st 2012 - Friend of mine also comments on her page about the fursuit commission. 

    The comment was deleted the following day. 



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