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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. Twitter Here This is my first post here so it may as well be a positive one. I've commissioned this guy for many pieces and the end result has always been good. I can say he's attentive and will work with you (usually with bare sketches) until you get what you're after. His usual style is very symbol-y, almost like he designs logos for a living, but he's good with details and character silhouettes. These aren't my commissions but they showcase his style.
  2. Furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/noahasai/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/NoahAsai I've commissioned and purchased adopts from Spy/ Noah over the past year and a half. Spy is easy to work with, and delivers commissions very quickly. Often within a few days, but never more than a couple of months. His style is fantastic and his adopts are well thought out and worth every penny. I highly recommend working with Spy if you have the chance. Below are some of the portraits I've commissioned from Spy:
  3. Twitter: https://twitter.com/oddthesungod Furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/oddthesungod/ I've commissioned Odd numerous times over the past year. Each time Odd has been prompt with his communication, delivers sketches quickly, and handles any fixes that may be required just as fast. Odd is seriously a pleasure to work with, and each piece he's done for me has come out very cute. Below are just a couple of the pieces he's finished for me, but not all of them!
  4. Mod Note: Links lead to underage art. Please click at your discretion. Account: [@KayMay2319 on twitter] Kay has been a regular client of mine since mid 2021 and is an absolute dream client to work with. He is incredibly patient and kind, gives good and polite feedback about what she wants if needed, always tips, and always has lovely things to say when he retweets or reposts the art I drew her. Highly endorse!
  5. Mod Note: Links lead to underage art. Please click at your discretion. Artist links: [@vampyyart on twitter] [@_vampy.art on insta] Commissioned a very hardcore guro nsfw piece of my bf's and my ocs, he was incredibly sweet and communicative the entire time, very quick for what was commissioned, asked very good questions about my preferences and was all around a lovely person to work with. Very very good at blood and gore if that's something your into, and draws the prettiest eyes! Will absolutely be commissioning him again when I have the funds! (cannot post my commissioned art on account of gore and an nsfw of an underage character, but to check out his pages his art is absolutely beautiful!)
  6. Artist Links Instagram Kofi I commissioned Advenceart for a colored piece of my OC, James. The transaction was started June 6th, and concluded today, June 11. During the whole transaction Advenceart was professional, and followed up when they said they would. The end result is an absolutely stunning addition to my collection. I highly recommend this artist.
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