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Found 2 results

  1. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/1004598.html WHO: Otter'n'Daughter (FA) / WaterdogWharf (FA) / Keryu (FA) / KeryuOkami (twitter) WHERE: Initially - https://www.furaffinity.net/user/otter.n.daughter/ Later - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/waterdogwharf Also - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/keryu WHEN: Payment took place from 6/14/2015 to 3/29/2016, the only visual progress was 11/29/2016 (referenced in emails below) EXPLAIN: The overall process started June 2015. Below is the string of emails regarding the quote, details and the agreed upon payments: https://imgur.com/a/6w2ywB1 As of this time, while I had the initial concept art for the sake of the quote, the full turnaround reference wouldn't be available for another five months. However they were made aware of this from the initial quote. (Referenced in the gallery above at 006 with the initial ref below it.) The email with the finished reference would explain that it was layered to view various details (ei. arms, legs and other pieces could be hidden to see the shapes): https://imgur.com/a/LCCwePu The final payment would be sent March 30, 2016: https://imgur.com/a/94JDLy6 Later on in June / July 2016, I would ask about cancellation. https://imgur.com/a/OkYfA45 Fast forward to October 30 and November 29, 2016, these would be the only signs of visual progress for my own suit. https://imgur.com/a/UO1Xk47 The DTD would finally be sent around February / March 2017. Unfortunately, correspondence that took place on Twitter before October 2017 was deleted because I had assumed that things were moving along. However there is a DM referenced in an email for May 15, 2017 whose contact was unanswered until June 15, 2017. https://imgur.com/a/1SEjIY2 October 23, 2017, I bring a proposition regarding the change of the suit design and offer the majority of the fur to be used: https://imgur.com/a/98Ih8Cp After that, I found the most success in contacting them through twitter and would follow up about once a month. https://imgur.com/a/IO8siPx And the last final emails recently sent: https://imgur.com/a/WELE6Ce As of the time of this submission, there has been no reply from the final email on July 4, 2018. However I will correct myself regarding the large July 1st email as the body suit for the previous customer is incorrect, that I’m aware of. This was the rest of a full suit commission, to which they had only recently received the bodysuit for, over two years after the head (and assuming partial of the full) was completed. The following gallery is to show posts documenting visual progress on their commission list in general, as well as public client posts that I’ve been able to search for. The purpose is only for timestamps for the completion of parts or projects altogether, how they correlate with Keryu’s public Trello page, and the time elapsed for the length of the project based on dates. https://imgur.com/a/mrG7Xcs Here is also collection of visual posts regarding from or around November 2016 up until recently. This will be broken down into categories: Auctions and Commission Openings Bases Premades Collaborative Premades Commissions or designs not listed on Trello I've probably missed a few things here and there, my apologies. I won’t deny that progress has been made on their list in general. However, with no way to gauge that other than whatever pops up on a search or the few posts there are, I have no confidence with this transaction any more. It wouldn’t have been so bad if there was some consistency in the queue, updates or progress actually occurring when said instead of just being pushed back further and further. Not to mention premades and unlisted work looking to be on priority. It also seems that they rarely do body suits themselves, if at all nowadays, or has them done by another maker. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong as I’m only aware of the collaborative bodies. This post is not meant to be against the other makers either considering I don’t know how aware they are of Keryu’s workload or practices when agreeing to these collaborative, premade suits. Even more baffling, for a short time, they had a senior seamstress that worked with them on at least one body suit. (Referenced here: https://i.imgur.com/OMCqDGo.png ) More often than not, Keryu only makes heads, tails, hand paws, and at one point feet. However those haven’t been posted in roughly a year. Granted the majority of the commissions they’ve taken on are usually for heads or partials without feet. In the end, if you absolutely wanted a costume piece from this person, you’re likely better off getting a premade or a base and finishing it yourself. ------ Update - August 23, 2018 There has been no reply since the final email. I made a couple attempts to contact there after to request the dtd and fur sent back by email and twitter, including a mailing address and requesting a tracking number. No replies. Not surprisingly, they're open for more commissions: https://imgur.com/a/2EAyd4S I also attempted disputes on the payments. Paypal directed me to speak with the source of the funds for the transactions. Upon attempts between a credit card company and bank, they were too old to dispute, which was expected. However, something I did learn from the credit card company. Based upon what the rep told me, Visa and Mastercard type cards have up to 540 days to dispute transactions of which they have the ability to request funds from the merchant. But again, only if your dispute holds up.
  2. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/945778.html WHO: OtterN’Daughter, KeryuOkami, WaterDogWharf WHERE: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/otter.n.daughter/ https://www.furaffinity.net/user/waterdogwharf https://twitter.com/KeryuOkami WHAT: Fursuit, Full digi-grade with extra padding in legs/arms/tail. WHEN: First payment was made to Keryu on 7/15/15. I completed my payment plan (Paid in full) on 11/7/15. I did not receive my suit until 2/28/17 PROOF: http://sta.sh/0fch8p7k9cm All payments including shipping EXPLAIN: Before getting my suit: The biggest problem I experienced with WDW was their lack of professionalism, time management, and manipulation via contract. WDW had a contract that protects her very well but does not at all hold her accountable to her end of business. Not only did she not take deadlines but she did NOT stick to her public queue. I commissioned Keryu back in Mid 2015 for a fullsuit(with additional padding in the tail, arms and legs). I often had problems with her ignoring or just not replying to emails. I eventually had to contact her on Twitter publicly to get her to respond. From then on we talked mostly over twitter. I only got updates from her if I asked her directly and my messages would go unanswered for days if not weeks despite her activity on twitter. I confronted her in Decemberof 2015 about her lack of communication( http://sta.sh/01ehajotfho9 ). She apologized and for a short time was better. However things got really spotty again maybe a month later. She was hardly showing progress and I had to poke at her a lot to see anything or know where she was at. In October of 2016 I confronted her again about the lack of work she was doing on her queue and the fact she was putting out premades more often than suits on her queue(http://sta.sh/0t5egnpnyh6 , http://sta.sh/0awufn79jq , http://sta.sh/02a4hdnoxwfp , http://sta.sh/01kxj6w3zvha , http://sta.sh/0tpxdgasxw1 , http://sta.sh/029rl5mp7po5 , http://sta.sh/01tjnclpu6rj ). The premades were incredibly frustrating to me as she was making little to no progress on my suit but was making multiple premades during the time she was supposed to work on mine(http://sta.sh/2b0lsxb0dga ). She snapped back at me and we went back and forth for a short bit before she said she would send me a free head mount for the wall. I said no but offered to commission a second tail because she had not made the tail the way we had originally agreed. She did not respond. I had to message her again later on for updates. In late january I asked where she was at on my suit and was told she had finished it but hadn’t told me yet(http://sta.sh/0iysrwc7rwx ). She then told me she would ship the suit out on 2/14/17. She also told me that the suit would arrive in time for an event I had on the 25th(http://sta.sh/02fwjvo5xevl http://sta.sh/017x9xkfjsez http://sta.sh/0s1q4mf86w9 http://sta.sh/077ih0wftoq).However she then didn’t ship until the 21st and the suit did not arrive until the 28th. She told me she had misplaced my quote forum and asked me to find it in my emails. She eventually found it(http://sta.sh/0itfq51jvwm ). She disappeared for a few days without saying anything about why. It had been 20 days since I knew of the completion of my suit and she wasn’t shipping it. I waited about 18 Months to get my fursuit and it still came with problems. Upon receiving my suit I knew not everything could be perfect but I was still incredibly disappointed with the things undone despite her taking so much time. I ordered large stompy feet, she left all of the inside foam exposed and the ankle area does not go up high enough for the leg to stay down over it ( http://sta.sh/01tj44b4btih ). The paws are large like requested but there is no foam inside to keep its shape or keep the paw from sliding down and off the hand completely( http://sta.sh/021ueii3k1c8 ).. The one area there is foam is around the claws which is left completely open. The head is too big and moves around a lot, I find myself touching the muzzle a lot just to keep it in place while I’m moving. The holes for the tail are not reinforced in anyway, they are just cuts in the fabric which is very worrisome especially with the size of my tail. The tail is a bit lumpy in areas and the foam doesn’t fill all areas properly, instead it slides around a bit, not stuffed enough. http://sta.sh/0258ef8joryb fullsuit arrived.
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