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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/971529.html WHERE: FurAffinity, http://www.furaffinity.net/user/yuurikin/ WHAT: Digital Art, $150 USD. WHEN: 29th December 2016 was when payment was made. EXPLAIN: On the 29th of December 2016 I bought a $150 art piece from Yuurikin. I requested a refund 5 months ago, 12th of April 2017. I was told I would receive it within a month from that time, of course I haven't received anything. PROOF: http://puu.sh/xGnhi/c2b17a863b.png I think I was very nice/fair to this person in this note. I noted him with a bit of a longer, more serious note. https://puu.sh/xGnpg/1850e0b1ac.jpg it has been opened but not replied to or anything. http://puu.sh/xHXpq/0cb7f8ce12.jpg proof of purchase with censors. https://puu.sh/xHXqW/fb1edb1a40.jpg proof of my notes having been opened. I honestly just hope this can be solved A.S.A.P. I know times are tough for both of us, and I don't want to be petty, but I don't have much choice. Update: I contacted Yuurikin via Twitter on the 27th of September and was informed I'd receive the refund a.s.a.p. I asked for an update on the 8th of October and haven't yet received a response. Update 2: I was contacted by Yuurikin via FA note on the 10th of October informing me I'd be receiving my refund today or tomorrow.
  2. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/970977.html WHO: Yuurikin on FurAffinity, Onika on Twitter WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/yuurikin/ WHAT: Digital art, single character ($85) WHEN: Paid on May 13 2016, I sent a note on August 19 2016 asking for a refund. EXPLAIN: The artist opened for commissions in early May 2016 and I got a commission slot, payment was made on May 13 2016 (https://puu.sh/xEbuA/78ada16279.png) in the total of $85 for a single character digital piece. The artist later made a journal in mid-August 2016 stating they were overburdened with a large commission queue and would appreciate folks asking for refunds (Journal since deleted). I sent a note on August 19 2016 asking for a refund (https://puu.sh/xEbzA/4da6977871.png). I did not receive a response to this note so I sent a follow up note on September 22 2016 (https://puu.sh/xEbD6/013fc01f4e.png). I got a response back from the artist a month later on October 22 2016 stating they were working to get mine and others' refunds out sometime in the beginning or middle of next month (https://puu.sh/xEbDl/be089f9dc8.png). I stated this was fine (https://puu.sh/xEbJb/fe3f3feab5.png). I followed up on November 28 2016 when no refund was seen for the entirety of the month, proposing an exchange for a different commission, offering the artist another route out (http://puu.sh/xEbNp/c354455819.png). I sent the details of this commission on December 8 2016, did not receive a response, and followed up again on December 12 2016 to see what the artist thought, to which they replied "Yeah that would be fine" (https://puu.sh/xEbUQ/329d7a6462.png). I did not hear from the artist after. There were sparse messages and journals about the refund process intermingled with musings about having no desire to work (https://puu.sh/xEc6y/10ad8fd440.png, https://puu.sh/xEc7G/c601242319.png). There was a refund queue on their Trello at one point, detailing everyone waiting for a refund, how much, and what order they were in line. This Trello list was eventually removed as well and instead replaced with a note about where he is at with refunds (http://puu.sh/xEcd7/c521e21706.png as of 9/19/2017). I sent a note asking about the status of my refund once more on September 6 2017 (https://puu.sh/xEaZS/f441ea1d63.png), which he read and did not reply to (https://puu.sh/xEaZd/b29965217c.png). I followed up almost 20 days later, a few days after this I received a response stating he was leaving for a trip and I should see a refund around the start of October (http://puu.sh/xMfxY/d18c403e67.png). PROOF: Proof of Payment: https://puu.sh/xEbuA/78ada16279.png Note 1: https://puu.sh/xEbzA/4da6977871.png Note 2: https://puu.sh/xEbD6/013fc01f4e.png Response to Note 2: https://puu.sh/xEbDl/be089f9dc8.png Note 3: https://puu.sh/xEbJb/fe3f3feab5.png Note 4-5 + Response: http://puu.sh/xEbNp/c354455819.png Note 6-7 + Response: https://puu.sh/xEbUQ/329d7a6462.png Journals: https://puu.sh/xEc6y/10ad8fd440.png, https://puu.sh/xEc7G/c601242319.png Trello Refund Note: http://puu.sh/xEcd7/c521e21706.png Note 8: https://puu.sh/xEaZS/f441ea1d63.png Proof of Note 8 Read: https://puu.sh/xEaZd/b29965217c.png Note 9 + Response: http://puu.sh/xMfxY/d18c403e67.png EDITS: 9/26/2017: Corrected pronouns 9/29/2017: Received a reply (Note 9 + Response) 10/8/2017: Was informed I'd receive my refund later that day, and did receive a refund in full. Situation resolved.
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