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Found 3 results

  1. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/982269.html WHO: Naomy/Naomi WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/naomy/ WHAT: 1 Digital drawing, full-body, NSFW WHEN: June 15th, 2016 EXPLAIN: I’ve commissioned Naomy in the past (5 times) and I never had any problems with her before. She has a nice style, has very accessible prices and worked fast. So, when she opened new slots on June 2016, I happily asked her for a commission slot. I contacted her via FA notes, I sent the info for the drawing, made the payment via paypal and after that I just had to wait…and that’s where the problems started. Since that day she has appeared and disappeared in very erratic and long periods of time: could be weeks or even months (as far as I know). When she appears, it has been only to apologize and/or justify her lack of work claiming personal problems (problems which she never has detailed in any level), to take new commissions (even she already has pending commissions to do first) or upload some of the finished drawings (which they could be old or new commissions, she's very random in this). She’s almost impossible to reach (only through FA notes but good luck if she checks them) since she doesn’t provide any contact information like a Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, etc. (She only provides skype info but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work). I’ve waited for more than a year by now, more of what’s reasonable time and I know there’s people who is in the same situation (or worse) with this artist. I’m tired to keep waiting while watching how this artist keeps luring more and people to her “trap”. So, I’m making this AB not just for me but for anyone else who's having the same kind of problems with this artist. Next, I’ll detail her activity in FA (mostly journals) with their corresponding dates. Be sure to check the proof pics for more details: July 27th – 28th 2016. She made 2 journals in which she apologized for the delay with the commissions (it seems she was moving to other place and had trouble with getting access to the internet because of that) and then, she took the chance to take more commissions slots since she said needed money to pay some debts. Although I could understand her situation, the fact that she took extra workload gave me a bad feeling…but I let it pass and keep waiting. That was the last sign of activity in her FA page for the rest of 2016 and part of 2017. Mach 27th 2017 – April 3rd 2017. After 8-9 Months of silence without knowing what happened, a couple of new journals appeared. In the first one someone, identifying himself as “Naomi’s friend” (and acting in representation of her), said in the journal that Naomy couldn’t be online for the time being because of “personal and delicate reasons”. He then proposed, as a way to organize things I think, that everyone who was still waiting for their commissions to send a new note with all the related info about them (refs, idea descriptions, etc.) to see who is still pending, who wants a refund or make any changes to his/her commission idea. That way he could later transmit all that info to Naomy so she could continue working on them. In the second journal, this same person appeared again asking for some patience while he was checking all the notes form the last journal. No sign of my commission so far. April 2nd 2017. I sent a new note to Naomy’s FA account with the all the info regarding my commission (including screenshots of the old note, paypal payment, etc.) as requested by Naomi’s friend in the last journal. Note remains unread until this day. June 9th 2017. Naomy came back in a new journal but without giving any real clue of why her disappearance other than saying she’s “good and better” now, there were things that she couldn’t handle the last couple of months and asking for a little understanding. Then, she opens a few commission slots to help her cover some of the refunds (even when she acknowledges she has pending commissions to do). No sign of my commission so far. July 11th 2017. Once again, she opens a few commission slots to help her cover some of the refunds (even when she acknowledges she has pending commissions to do AGAIN). No sign of my commission so far. October 4th 2017. Naomy says that she’s having problems recently to submit some of the finished commissions but still, she’ll try to upload some. No sign of my commission so far. October 18th 2017. She addresses the situation of the pending commissions with just 4 points in which she basically says she’s working in the commissions and everyone will get theirs eventually and asks for patience (whether is a pending commission or a refund) and respect. After that, she promotes a YCH and opens for MORE COMMISSION SLOTS! SERIOUSLY? Also, no sign of my commission so far. October 31th 2017. Opens for new commissions slots. No sign of my commission so far. November 17th 2017. I sent her a new note (just like the one I sent on April 2017) in which I express my discomfort about the long time I’ve been waiting regarding my commission and detailing some changes about my original idea for the drawing. Note remains unread until this day and no sign of my commission so far. November 26th 2017. I get a shout message in my FA from Naomy (assuming it was related to my last note) were she just sends me a link with a screenshot of the journal in which she wrote regarding the pending commissions as a response (I deleted that message unfortunately). I replied back in her FA expressing my disappointment and frustration about the “robotic answer” she gave me. She replies back trying to justify herself and saying that my commission is almost ready and I should wait some more time. I later thanks the more “proper” answer she gave me now and, taking her word, I decided to keep waiting. Maybe I’ll have it before Christmas? I hope so! December 15th 2017. Last journal of 2017. She informs everyone that 2018 will be her last year on FA because of personal problems. She doesn’t specify how long it will be before she leaves FA, just saying “I will be a few months more here”. She doesn’t clarify what would happen with the pending commissions and refunds left. After this journal to this date, she hasn’t shown any sigh of activity: no new uploads, no journals, no messages, no notes. And guess what? NO SIGN OF MY COMMISSION SO FAR! PROOF: June 15th 2016 — Naomy's journal opening commissions and comunication between her and me: https://imgur.com/Y9RFtdy https://imgur.com/zlaFSnd https://imgur.com/wPGyqub July 27th – 28th 2016 — Journal apologizing for delay and taking more commissions berofe disappearing https://imgur.com/3lo2c3v Mach 27th 2017 – April 3rd 2017 — Journals made by "Naomi's friend" https://imgur.com/eicOM0g April 2nd 2017 — Note sent to "Naomi's friend" as requested in last journal https://imgur.com/d1XmP8l June 9th 2017 - Naomy comes back https://imgur.com/weVIf57 July 11th 2017 & October 4th 2017 — Naomy takes more commissions and argues problems with uploading pics https://imgur.com/x1kfiJz October 18th 2017 — Naomy addresses the situation about pending commissions https://imgur.com/mm6sO8k October 31th 2017 — Journal taking more commissions https://imgur.com/snAAJYD November 17th 2017 — I sent a new note expressing my discomfort for the long wait https://imgur.com/l8N96d3 November 26th 2017 — Some of the replies she gave me after I protested because of a message she gave me before https://imgur.com/x1pBqYK December 15th 2017 — Last journal of Naomy before disappearing again until this date
  2. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/848616.html Who: Naomy Where: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/naomy/ Issue: Commissioned SFW Friend pose with a friends character for a gift, Received Mature Couples Pose. Further explaination: I got a commission from Naomy on the 6th May. The commission cost $15 as it was a two person piece, which was a gift for my friend. I requested the image to be a SFW friend pose. I paid them the same day and waited 5 days before receiving the commission (They tend not to do w.i.p.) What i received is completely wrong and unusable, the characters are in a NSFW pose with all the bits showing. Both me and my friend were unimpressed with this and requested that she change it, but all she did was remove the bits leaving the pose untouched and mature in nature. Now i understand that she DID do the work, but the mistake was on her part, and i know she read the comment for it to be SFW because in her excuse she commented a quote that was DIRECTLY after the statement stating that was her idea of "sassy and cutesy" friendship. Since then i have requested a refund as it was a mistake on their part and they refuse to change the image, and my friend noted them requesting them to take the image down as her mate would not take kindly to the image. She has declined to refund and the image is still up with over 300 veiws. This only annoys me as she posted a bunch of commissions today, some of them being SFW friend poses.... I suggested maybe she could re-do the commission or something else to make up for the money, instead of refunding as she declined as the effort was put into it which is fair enough. However neither i nor my friend are comfortable with the image she put up and i'd not like to feel like i wasted money on art that makes me cring and feel shamed by the trouble it's caused my friend every time i see it. It was meant to be a gift, not an issue that my friend, who has a boyfriend, dislikes and doesn't aprove of the position her characters in with mine. She has read the message reguarding the comprise suggestion and has stopped all communitcation since, the image remains up even though both of us has requested it be taken down. Evidence: Commission Notes = http://gyazo.com/109c9a5f9ebba3858b44c687a264518e Payment = http://gyazo.com/e45f08d4a86047d3495c837cf621c75e NSFW Image (with Fix she was willing to do) = http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16520924/ Changes Request = http://gyazo.com/f3afaa096a87d7cc8a42762f5c2c79a6 (Hyota not Yuna, whoops) Refund Request = http://gyazo.com/23f0ab4c701f764703cf27766faaa911 Clearly, according to the last gyazo, She has refused to do anything about the hiccup she made with my commission, so i have Decided to Post this AB, not to say she's bad at what she does, but if you are looking for sfw, i'd suggest looking else where. especially if its with another character. She has done SFW before, and she probably still will, but i refuse to take the risk again as she does so much NSFW its easy to mess up commissions and then refuses to fix the mistake made on her part. Hope this helps anyone, even if it justs encourages you to put more detail into what you want, but i like peoples creativity on my art, little bit of artist freedom, as long as it follows the very limited requests i ask for atleast. Edit: Naomy has currently commented on the picture itself, showing a print screen of the comments my friends posted asking her to remove the image, further proof she HAS seen the requests and finds it amusing that we cant do anything to have it removed. Print screen has been made incase she hides comments~ Edit: Fa Staff are looking into things to have the image removed. (Removed 2nd June) Edit: Paypal ended my claim on the 26th May, Decided in my favor and i will be receiving a full Refund. (received 26th May)
  3. WHO: Naomy. WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/naomy/ WHAT: Three iron artist slots for the month of september WHEN: August 20th up until the current date. PROOF: Down below. EXPLAIN: On August 20th I noticed Naomy had opened for iron artist slots for the month of September. She sells them for a reasonable price so they sell like hotcakes so I jumped on the opportunity and ordered 3 slots. Journal for proof: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6041794/ Screencap in case deleted: http://i.imgur.com/bVhK71y.png My comment claiming the slots http://i.imgur.com/InbW1Jo.png Note proving I ordered and paid: http://i.imgur.com/BOYcTmw.png I was slot number 7, 8 and 9 so I expected to get them within the first week or two of September and when I didn't I thought maybe she would upload all of them at once at the end of September so I did not worry. September 25th She posted a journal saying she would be finishing all of the remaining slots this weekend and they would be posted soon and that if anyone wanted changes she would not be able to do them because she has most of them finished already. Journal: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6143034/ Screencap in case deleted: http://i.imgur.com/9r28jlu.png October 8th She wasn't heard from again until today stating once again that she would be submitting all of the pics but to be patient because there was over 100 to submit and that she would be opening again after everything was submitted. A lot of people in the comments told her that wasn't a good idea because furaffinity has in their TOS "1.11 - Do not flood. Flooding is when you upload more than 10 submissions or 5 journals in a 24 hour period. " Journal: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6179922/ Screencap in case deleted: http://i.imgur.com/TyZws5F.png October 10th She posted that because of the said upload limit that she would only upload 10 to 20 per day so she doesn't flood furaffinity and get in trouble and if she skips your slot not to worry because she's not doing them in slot order. Journal: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6185333/ Screencap in case deleted: http://i.imgur.com/TyZws5F.png Did not hear from her besides the occasional pic posting. ( She posted about 9 per week instead of 10-20 per day ) so on October 28th I posted a comment on her journal asking her if everything was okay because she didn't upload things like she said she would. November 2nd She posted a journal stating that she has been busy with studies and work and that she would start posting a few before she went to bed and submit some more when she woke up. On this journal many of us suggested since she had stated that they where all done that she could just upload them all to a stash or dropbox so we could get our art without abusing the upload limit. She replied saying that she didn't think it was right to the commissioners to have to dig through all of those files and we all assured her that we would rather have to dig through for a couple of minutes instead of waiting days for our art. Others have also stated that they have been waiting on their slots from OTHER Iron artist months. So it wasn't only just september's slots being prolonged. She later posting ANOTHER journal saying that she would upload 10 images and then try the dropbox option in the morning. Journal 1: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6237749/ Journal 2: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6237921/ Screencaps in case deleted. http://i.imgur.com/ir8lmoi.png http://i.imgur.com/VVzqywc.png Journal 1 comments: http://i.imgur.com/xhnlJXR.png http://i.imgur.com/2TVf1Cg.png November 7th No one had heard from her and I was becomming irritated and said I honestly didn't believe that she had the work done because she was delaying giving us a dropbox link. This was bad on my part to be honest but I wasn't the only irritated one. November 10th She uploaded a few pieces of art before uploading a personal vent piece along with a journal stating "Hello, I wanted to inform you that in a few hours i submit more pics, and tell them sorry, but I got to be around here I'm not very good spirits I do not want to fail you, because you are the only ones I have not failed to me this year, I promise to finish it all in a week sorry" Journal: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6256675/ Screencap in case deleted: http://i.imgur.com/U8CBQK8.png It's November 30th and she hasn't been online since. Other impatient commissioners have been writing shouts some stating they've been waiting 4-5 months. Shouts screencap: http://i.imgur.com/eCiKEIj.png I would not ever recommend commissioning this woman, she seems to not be ready to take commissions in this amount at a time or even at all for that matter. Update. January 3rd. She has come back posting a journal claiming she had lost internet and will be posting the owed art soon just to give her a few days. I wouldn't count this as resolved until she posts said artwork. http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6391970/ Update. January 6th. Since October a lot of people had been requesting to change their commissions to single pieces or change the second or third character in their pieces because they had been waiting so long and either the commissioner and their s.o or friends where no longer together and Naomy had stated that she would do all changes requested. ( Journals have since then been deleted, most of the journals I had screenshotted above to be exact. ) I had a simular delema and had noted her with request to change my commissions to three singular pieces instead of three-two character pieces as well as long with a partial refund for the extra characters I never got a response. January 25th. Finally some progress. She posts some of the owed commissions that had been waiting in a dropbox I check eagerly to see that she had posted two out of three of my pieces and to my dismay I see that she didn't do the changes I requested. January 27th-30th. ( I do not have these notes screenshotted but I can screenshot if requested ) I note her AGAIN about the changes. She at first noted me saying she would do the changes but followed an hour later with a note saying "Excuse me, but there was understood your message. if that's the case I'd rather give a full refund. 3 images doing more for you is something i cant do three pics. to be absent although it was my mistake I can not predict such change, sorry, but I'll just give a refund" I saying "Allright. My paypal is "soandso"" and she responds with "ok if you do not mind I pay next week, when you open new slots thanks" I got upset that she was going to be taking more slots even though she hadn't uploaded all the pending ones yet (There are many people she hasn't even drawn yet and has been asking for refsheets again despite her saying she has had all of the pending slots finished) and I replied "Look, I've waited 5 months for my art, art that was suppose to be done by september. I asked for changes before it was even completed and you ignore the changes and tell me you will not do them. I've waited long enough. I would prefer you send me my refund today." She responded saying "I have no money today, sorry" I responded with "Okay. I'll wait till you take more slots but if I don't get it in a week I'm going to get it back through paypal/ my credit card company." and she responded once again with a simple "Oka" She has almost deleted every journal/shout/comment pertaining to the wait for the commissions she owes, people asking refunds, ect since she has returned and from a few people that have already commented on this AB she is even getting hostile over people wanting refunds. I know her artwork is cheap but with her business actions it is certainly not worth the wait IF you even get your art at all. I will not mark as resolved until I get the refund that has been promised. Update Febuary 7th It had been a week since the last message I recieved from her so I noted her saying. "It's been a week Naomy." she responds with "yeah. also not opening slots for the moment" this upset me beyond belief I noted her back saying that it's been a week and that she said she would give me a refund, to either give it or I would get it back from the credit card company which would put her account in bad standing. She read my note but didn't reply, I wrote a shout on her page saying "Still waiting on my refund." which she responds back with "yea is true and I'm not working for now" she doesn't seemed concerned about my refund at all. Still not resolved. March 4th. She has finally refunded me so I would like to mark this as resolved.
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