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Found 1 result

  1. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/874852.html WHO: Artist: "Jaggy" /furaffinity/deviantart/ http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jaggy/ http://ieatd0gs.deviantart.com/ WHERE/WHAT: Badge trade, through notes on FA/spoke in person a few times. WHEN: Discussed doing a trade at Califur in 2013. Despite getting my half done for them within a month, I have been fed excuses and given nothing despite waiting for two years, along with being ignored the last time I tried to contact them. PROOF: Screencaps of notes will be hosted in the explanation, though I only have one note remaining from them (but most of their correspondence is still in the quotes on my replies thankfully.) I was lucky that FA's outbox notes were kept so long-term as compared to my often cleared inbox. While this means a lot is missing, I think there's enough to clearly support what's gone on here. EXPLAIN: Califur 2013 Jaggy and I spoke, with them telling me they loved my artwork and really wanting a badge, but were short on funds. Trades came up and I agreed that I'd like to do a trade after seeing their work because they had a style I felt would suit my character well. I asked them to contact me after the con to set up details and give each other references. June 2013 I got the initial note from Jaggy asking if I still wanted to trade, and we exchanged references and the like. Here's what I have from the correspondence setting up the trade. First Second Third And I was obviously noted back with their details as I completed their badge shortly after as I stated. July 2013 I contacted Jaggy about the badge being done. I received a response stating the sketch was drafted and I'd for sure get it by the next furmeet (the only note that slipped through my inbox cleaning, thankfully.) Here is a posting of my half of the trade for them, it is the green character at bottom-center. I delivered the badge to them at the furmeet as stated, when I was told again in person it was sketched and would be ready at the next meet for sure. At the end of July 2013 I had something come up, so I informed Jaggy they'd have an extra month to work on their half since I couldn't make it to the next meet. When I saw Jaggy at the furmeet in September 2013, I was given more excuses as to why it wasn't done, told it was sketched out still, and given another "next time" guarantee. I ended up moving out of state for a while and when we spoke at my last meet I attended before that, Jaggy told me they'd be fine shipping it to me because I was so patient. I remained patient, seeing I was on their profile in their commission/trades list. In November 2013, I contacted Jaggy inquiring if they could have the badge completed by my next convention so I could wear it there. They had replied telling me what was up and I replied back being very understanding of things. I was never once shown any of these sketches, however, and starting to doubt any existed. At Further Confusion 2014 in January, Jaggy and their partner came to my table to see me. Again, with no badge. I was fed a sob story about how difficult their lives had been lately and that they were in debt and they had no time to get art done whatsoever. My friend popped into the conversation proposing that I could use the badge as an example for my table until the end of the con to make things fair, to which Jaggy agreed. When Jaggy came back to pick up the badge, it had gone missing. I told Jaggy I had a hi-res scan if we couldn't find it and I could easily print them out a new one with no problem, but kept looking around. I assumed it fell off or someone took it, but still made an effort to find it with no results. A couple weeks after the con, in February 2014, I finally got time to ask Jaggy if they had managed to locate the badge as I hadn't heard back. I do not have their response, but I was told that they hadn't found it through anyone and not to worry about printing a new badge for them until they finished their half because it would only be fair. I started to assume that I was just ripped off after that despite constantly being listed on their profile as an in-progress trade having been sketched out. I found the badge in my air-travel cases for my supplies after my last out-of-state convention, but remained quiet, still seeing that my trade was listed and "sketched" and hoping that it would be done soon. At the two year mark, in June 2015, I decided to check in. I was now just listed as an owed trade, and had noticed Jaggy had been doing plenty of art, inclusive of personal work, and wondered why they hadn't done their half for me yet despite all this time. I sent them a note informing them I had found the original badge in my supplies, asking if they were going to do their half. I received no response despite the note being read for weeks. This was the final red flag for me. Finally, I noted Jaggy months being ignored, now in October 2015, well over two years since setting up and completing my half of the trade and receiving nothing, never being updated, and eventually ignored when it's past the point of excuses. I've decided I'm just done with this. I don't think they intended on doing their half of the work and were dishonest with me about their progress and intentions. I do not recommend trading with this person, and would even exercise caution in commissioning them based on their work ethic. UPDATE: About a day after I sent my note and wrote this posting, on October 5th, 2015I received a response from Jaggy (to my surprise, considering I had been ignored previously.) This note called me rude and was an obvious attempt to guilt trip me with another sob story, accusing me that I was essentially being mean and causing them trouble because I didn't care and keep up with what they'd been through, and some more excuses as to why the work had not been done. As someone who has been through more than plenty myself, I responded quite offended and upset about the ploy, explaining to them why I was offended, and ended up blocking them (of which I notified them) because I absolutely can not handle the stress that getting aggressive guilt-tripping notes puts me through. While they'd insisted on completing the trade someday, despite claiming not caring about it anymore, I told them I absolutely did not want them drawing my character at this point. It took me a lot of willpower to not be baited back in, but I refused to fall for it again. I would rather not share these screencaps of these two notes as I find them of rather personal nature based on the information shared about our experiences, but if absolutely needed, I will share them at a moderator's request. After I'd sent my reply, I had a second note waiting in my inbox already that they must have sent while I'd been writing mine. I did not reply to this as my response I'd written covered how I felt and stated that I was done with things. I currently have Jaggy blocked as I simply cannot handle being sent notes like that just because I finally put my foot down, and they have finally removed me from their queue. I assume this will go no further.
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