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Found 2 results

  1. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/863094.html WHO: FA; Frindle WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/frindle/ WHAT: Hypnosis Icon WHEN: Commissioned March 19, 2015 PROOF: http://i.imgur.com/B8n55eT.png EXPLAIN: Commissioned Frindle on March 19th of 2015 for one Hyno Icon when they posted a journal saying they were taking some. Eagerly I placed an order which was through Google Docs. After 2 months of waiting I sent them a message after they made a journal that if anyone had any questions to send them a message. I sent them a message because I was not sure where my commission was and that it did not show up on their Trello. I received a message back not too long after asking if I had ordered through Google Docs and that they were on a separate spreadsheet. Seeing as I had, I left it at that and figured that it would get done sometime soon. http://i.imgur.com/nCdQsQT.png - Inquiring about Icon Two months later, I noticed their queue was getting larger and figured mine wouldn’t be done so I messaged them asking for a refund as it was getting towards the end of the dispute period. http://i.imgur.com/ThqLkCS.png - Original Message Frindle apologized for the wait and I noted them my paypal for the refund. I did not receive the refund due to the artists typo of my paypal the first time and when they fixed the issue 2 days later, they only sent me a partial refund. I immediately messaged Frindle on FA, explaining that I had ordered during the time when they were $21 and not $15. Once again Frindle apologized and said they sent the remainder of the refund to my paypal. It has now been 4 days since then and I have not received the remainder of my money. I did send them another message prior asking if they had sent it (they did look at the message but did not respond to me) and I sent another and I am waiting a reply once again. http://i.imgur.com/shnMko8.png - Telling about the mix up with the Refund http://i.imgur.com/ZIiQeop.png - Current Outbox Message asking about the remainder I’m losing my patience with this commission and it’s putting me a little on edge that it’s getting close to the end of the dispute period. Although it is only $6, it’s still $6 I would be out of with only 4 months of waiting, no icon, and a partial refund only to show it. http://i.imgur.com/0bBwglu.png?1 - Proof of Partial Refund UPDATE: July 27th Received a reply back from Frindle saying they will refund me the remainder of my money (however it is $6 and not $5) when they get the funds to do so. I have no idea when this will be and the paypal dispute period is nearing the end (or it could be over, not sure but I know it’s 180 days is the limit). http://i.imgur.com/5ggWW0a.png - Reply from Frindle
  2. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/861209.html WHO: FA: Frindle: , Twitter: @FrindlesArt WHERE: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/frindle/ WHAT: Hypnosis Icon WHEN: Commissioned back in March 2015 PROOF: Click Here EXPLAIN: Commissioned Frindle back in March of this year for one hypnosis icon when they opened for them via a journal they posted. After about 2 weeks of waiting I sent a note asking about the status. The message was never responded to. After that I waited quite a while (3 months). I saw that Frindle had a large commission queue so I was patient, but I did not see my name on their queue so I sent them another message asking about it. Proof of message and response I was satisfied with the response so I waited again. This time for another month. I checked a few times on their queue and saw that my name was never put there like Frindle said they would do. So I messaged them again. Convo Part 1 Convo Part 2 In convo part 1 you can see Frindle asking me again if I ordered via Google Docs. They've asked me this question before. In convo 2 Frindle says they will reimburse me fully and have my icon done by the end of that week. (Which never happened) I sent Frindle a message 2 days ago asking if they were going to ever reimburse me, and they responded by telling me that they "couldn't afford to reimburse me" Proof Its way too late to file a Paypal dispute on this matter so there's really nothing I can do. So I'm now screwed out of $21 and an icon. Do NOT ever commission Frindle! A refund was issued - 7/23/15 @ 6:28 pm Proof of refund
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