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  1. A little worried about just getting ignored there too, but this is a good suggestion. I'll give it a shot when I can.
  2. I think she routinely clears her Shouts, so I'm not sure that'd do any good. As for making a Twitter thread, might cause more trouble than it's worth? I dunno, it's such a tough thing to have to deal with because honestly I'd rather just handle it and be done as opposed to all this, but you can only be ignored but for so long, yknow?
  3. Contacted user on June 9, 2020 about an Overwatch YCH for $60 (original submission has been deleted). Payment receipt: Did not hear from Rose for close to two months and checked their page in late August 2020 and found a journal about refunding commissions due to technical difficulties and contacted them, at which point they agreed to add me to their refund queue: Did not hear from them again and noted a second time on November 8, 2020 about the refund agreement above: Once again, no further contact after this. Sent a third message in January 11, 2021 which has not been read: Sent another message June 2, 2021 which so far has also been left unread: User is currently still actively posting to FA, just want to put this out there to make sure no one else ends up in the same boat as me.
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