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  1. hey ty for all the wonderful replies and suggestions, i have learned much! the artist got back to me and sent me a completed pic, and said will send a higher res next (although this is good quality so i am satisfied now) she said she was ill and something about Chinese new year (thought she was American who knows) ty so much i guess i need to have a little more info from now on; 2 methods of communication & deadlines. ty ya'll
  2. and update* have sent polite gentle PM's on DA and FA asking for updates on comm and reminding nicely my book is ready. will let you know what happens.
  3. TY for your thoughtful answers guys! I have an informal agreement with the artist as I do with my other 1; a made an offer and they both accepted, after learning a harsh lesson on here actually that I was (unintentionally) underpaying my artists; that's another reason i keep tipping, yes it is commercial, she knows this it's for amazon. half up front would be prudent my other artist (though so far np with her shes very fast) will only do full payment but ive had no issues from her. i like the idea of a second email as stated above slightly more firmly hey i need this for my book please. as for contacting them on another site it's only snapchat which i don't use i guess i could try messaging her on my BF's DA. too.
  4. Yeah, I hear you; I'd prefer not to piss off this artist if at all possible as I said she draws my OC's so well (they are an original species I created so not everyone cal draw them well) and is so nice to me too/fairly priced but you are ofc correct. My plan as of now is to give it another 3 weeks, try again, then after that looks like I'll have to. oh, in case: i know the paypal window, how would this work when i only want a partial refund (if forced via paypal) as some work was indeed done and also 2 sending paypal proof, if the comm is mildly NSFW will that land me or the artist in trouble? I've heard paypal doesn't like NSFW. (again it's mild not explicit but enough to make a person perhaps raise a brow if they were "boring." for lack of a better word. ty for your replies guys!
  5. Not wanting to do a beware hoping it won't come to that. I have already been robbed in the past (this artist is aware of that but the situation is making me nervous.) situation: I am a writer who has 2 lovely artists I work with who agreed up front to terms I offered regarding payment to them and use of their work etc. one of the artists has done book covers for me before (knows what ia m doing agreed to it was paid etc) and i love how this person draws my boys and girls, my OC's. Last year i wished to hire this artist and she disappeared for about 3 months, but it was ok, I hadn't paid, just had shown interest, so no NP. given this I am now getting nervous; this time I HAVE paid them, as we agreed, plus tip, which I recently sent a 2nd tip to sweeten the deal when politely saying hey I'm ready for my comm now but more politely. the gist; I prepaid, we agreed, artist sent me 2 concepts i picked one alls well. i get update sketch ok alls well. after this i am told will be done (very fast) in a few days i say ok dw i am still writing the book this is for dont rush yourself. that was 3 weeks ago. so i sent another 10$ and politely said hey my book is done i am ready when you are. but i am getting very nervous; artist has taken my tip but not replied.
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