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  1. @Celestina Yeah that's how I felt, too. I tried looking it up on paypal but it only answered others questions I didn't need answers to. They better not flag me! Just in case I'll have to mention what the money is for each time.
  2. I want to start giving tips to artists after the art is finished, so I can tip according to how the transaction went, the piece itself, as well as how they may be pricing themselves. I used to tip up front, since there's a "give a tip" option. However, when after the fact, I'd have to send it myself. In this case, since it's a tip and not paying for the actual service, would sending it through friends and family be okay? Because there would be no reason to get the money back. If it's not good, what would be the best way to send a tip?
  3. @Kei, what would you suggest for the sentences? I'm a little lost on how to make it more condensed while still getting the points across.
  4. For my ToS I strive to make it as fair for my clients as well as myself. So for at the top of my ToS I have this: When messaging me: -Try not to remove previous things said in the note/email! It's easier for me when all info is one place. -Please don't put your info in a giant paragraph. Keep it easy for me to read and to understand! Bullet points would be best if there’s a lot of info! -Try not to give me unneeded info. (Unneeded meaning it wouldn't help me make the commission. For example, if you're wanting a bust shot commission and you did not say feet were going to be in the ima
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