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  1. October 06 2021: Contacted them, inquiring about commissions. They sent me a WIP shortly after we discussed ocs. October 7 2021: Paid for the commission. October 27 2021: Was sent another WIP. December 10 2021- January 5 2022: They had briefly ghosted me here, before claiming my dms got hidden and they hadnt seen them, conveniently replying on the exact day I threatened a refund. They sent a wip a few hours later. Febuary 8 2022: Reached out for a update, was told they were busy working on a bday animation and a presentation. March 3 2022- Current Time: Theyve completely ghosted me, and have blocked me on discord. May 9 2022: Realized i was blocked on discord, reached out to them on instagram asking for a refund and was blocked there too. May 10 2022: I've reached out to my bank and asked for a chargeback since its been too long to do one through paypal. Waiting for my banks response. UPDATE: 5/17/2022 The artist has responded to the client via instagram regarding the outstanding commission.
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