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  1. Hi everyone, I am looking for some feedback on how you would word a price increase on your products to your customers? I know what my new prices will be (the prices are not the purpose of this discussion), but I would like to be fair and make sure my customers know its coming. The purpose of my price increase is honestly realizing that I may be pricing items (mostly my art prints) a bit too low and that some of my supply costs have gone up this past year. I will be slowly getting back into the art show/con circuit this year so the price increase would affect shows and online sales. My plan is to announce the change now and implement it on July 1. Any tips or feedback on how to word this type of post would be great!
  2. @Celestina and @Alex Wright - you guys are the best and it looks great. Thank you again for considering this!
  3. Totally understandable! I wasn't even thinking of past posts with this suggestion. I just thought of it today when I noticed a recent post had screenshots that were uncensored. My thinking isn't so much of being offended by the screenshot, just being mindful of when in a public place.
  4. Hi everyone! I hope this is the appropriate place to put this suggestion. I really enjoy this site (and the LJ version but this is way better) and have learned so much. I wanted to throw out a suggestion for posts that are NSFW. Is it possible to have "NSFW" listed with each post (if applicable) on the main page? I have seen that mods can put a note at the beginning of the post when you click on it. I only suggest this as I do read but this offers a quick glance of "oh, I'll save this post for later instead" since I've noticed that posts are no longer censored for some content. Thanks for your consideration! For example: Artist Beware: Artist Who: Artist Name Where: Links When: Date What: Commission Contains NSFW: Yes/No By Author, Date
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