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  1. @Celestina and @Alex Wright - you guys are the best and it looks great. Thank you again for considering this!
  2. Totally understandable! I wasn't even thinking of past posts with this suggestion. I just thought of it today when I noticed a recent post had screenshots that were uncensored. My thinking isn't so much of being offended by the screenshot, just being mindful of when in a public place.
  3. Hi everyone! I hope this is the appropriate place to put this suggestion. I really enjoy this site (and the LJ version but this is way better) and have learned so much. I wanted to throw out a suggestion for posts that are NSFW. Is it possible to have "NSFW" listed with each post (if applicable) on the main page? I have seen that mods can put a note at the beginning of the post when you click on it. I only suggest this as I do read but this offers a quick glance of "oh, I'll save this post for later instead" since I've noticed that posts are no longer censored for some content. Thanks for your consideration! For example: Artist Beware: Artist Who: Artist Name Where: Links When: Date What: Commission Contains NSFW: Yes/No By Author, Date
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