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  1. it's been a month now, and still silence, i doubt he'll ever give me a refund.... even for the small amount that he offered....
  2. Ya.... I got too emotional writing this, let my anger do the talking. you're right, I completely agree. I just wanted what I was owed is all. I really do hope things work out...
  3. This post it not to bash Jay in any way, but to warn people about people who might want to invest in Lmj in other fundraisers and future projects. So about a year ago, Lil miss Jay started a fundraiser. The deck costed around 50. but if you wanted to donate more, you could get rewards as advertised. And I went for the 500 dollar rewards As you can see, the dates match. I was supposed to get nude edits of cards of my choice, 2 oc drawings, other decks from past series, and have my own custom cards of said oc drawings. none of these have happened nor have been shown any
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